Original title: Round of slippery shoe of case of sampling observation difference be in 200 yuan inside reporter of contemporary wall bulletin arrives alertly, round of slippery shoe sample of this second sampling observation in all 30 batch, principal detect get ready wear-resisting function, closely match, bearing and wheel. Passing 24 batch, 6 batch of difference case all are the price 200 yuan of child inside. Nanjing city produces goods and materials to measure surveillance to examine Liu Baoxian of vice director of center of check of case of outdoors activity things allows the courtyard: “The plastic difference that component of partial annulus slippery shoe uses asks, some was used even take-over南京中医推拿医南京尚莲会所价格师招聘沐足技师 plastic. Bearing deserve has wear, but some wheel are in when colliding, it is to become loose easily very, be out of shape, cannot bear sho南京水月金陵足浴养生会所uld susceptive bumps force, form shoe disintegr南京金丝利喜来登酒店足浴养生会所ate to rupture easily. ” some fast dry garment not fast work this second sell to electric business platform fast dry garment sampling observation, in all draw-out 30 batch child, the moisture absorption that has 3 batch case of fast drying difference. Nanjing city produces goods and materials to measure surveillance to examine the courtyard is open senior engineer Yan Yan holds center of check of mobile things case first, the product of difference case is first express to be in南京荣鼎汇会所消费 bibulous rate is minor, drop water portion comes loose time is long, or evaporate rate is min南京足浴店转让信息or. Reach a standard of quality of door of your home guard against theft below the line on this second line in all sampling observation door of 30 batch guard against theft, passing rate is 83.3% , the thickness of steel qualitative plate that has 5 batch child, prevent destroy the re南京维也纳酒店电话spect such as function and lock req南京依水间水会 有没有uirement not 南京香水湾洗浴中心会所哪家好to amo南京喜来登酒店官网unt to mark. Nanjing city produces goods and materials to measure surveillance to examine courtyard country building materials produces南京卓美亚酒店南京 桑拿 足浴附近有什么好玩的 director of center of check of goods and materials to examine Shi Xuetao reminds, door of purchase guard against theft sel南京酒店it经理ects passing product above all. Careful examination has exceed what is proper without solder defect, of fan of guard the entrance and doorcase cooperate whether close-grained, clearance whether even, op南京喜来登酒店几星级en whether agi南京江宁港湾洗浴电话le. Must explain on bill at the same time ” door of guard against theft ” model of written characters, make in case alarm operator will ” steeliness door ” and ” steel qualitative door ” etc pretend to be sale of door of guard against theft.