Dispatch of dragon tiger net It is open term one year. Yesterday, bureau of stage area civil administration understands reporter Cong Yuhua, this area has ” Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” , begin quality accomplishment technically to teach in the light of parent of the student inside area under administration, the culture that promotes community the dweller is cultural. Establish nearly one year, already parent of more than 8000 student is benefited. Differ with groovy parent school, “Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” organization of agency of division of You Yuhua stage is opened, commonweal organizes Xiangshan work service center to be in charge of operation, purchase a service through the government, the parent that faces 16 middle and primary school inside area gives lessons, while stimulative home school is communicated, still assuming the quality of promotion dweller whole, job that optimizes social processing. Xi Shanqiao is street be located in an our city advocate brim of the city zone, area under administration has Nanjing city’s biggest safeguard house piece area, assemble of staff of work of ab extra Wu, recessive society contradiction is more, to the society processing brought a lot of difficulty and challenge. Below such setting, “Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” establish the sense that had deeper arrangement. “We adopt parent school, urge parents set oneself an example to others, establish model for children, be in severe at be self restrained while, guide the child active up. ” chief expresses Xi Shanqiao related street agency. Opening eve, school of cent of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain learns in Jin Ling, department of Nanjing library research (the country learns an institute) handsome of Guo Qian of home of vice director, painting and calligraphy comes ” Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” mobile spot, did for many 200 student and parent ” calligraphy, let you encounter better oneself ” thematic lecture. Such expert lecture, in Xi Shanqiao street already became normal state. According to statistic, “Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” from the begin school at the beginning of last year September, already completed 12 experts demonstrative course up to now, 31 volunteer teachers popularize a class, develop practice activity 30 much showing number, parent of more than 8000 student is benefited from which. “Before me not quite attention, often ‘ exit is become dirty ‘ , a word hears in parent school class: ‘ the mirror that the parent is the child, the shadow that the child is the parent ‘ , touch very big, no wonder my child is so small often say bad word. I must change later. ” be apt to spends Yuan Xiaoxue on the west parent of a student feels embarrassed the ground says. “‘ Xiang Shanjia grows the school ‘ holding to all the time ‘ good child education, had built the family, had administered the society ‘ ‘ 3 good ‘ target. ” ” Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” project controller Ding Gengjie says, they hope to develop middle and primary school adequately to be born ” little hand plays old hand ” action, the school education, family education, community is taught 3 person union, form ” big education ” join forces is aided push social processing. Had listened ” Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” after course, come in team of the member that the domestic member that has many 400 student joins community government reseau, use off hours to be service of dweller of community, village, participate in village processing and social construction, earnestly practise what one advocates makes model for the child. As we have learned, result from ” Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” ” processing of the community that help strength, area ‘ 3 Yo ‘ the innovation sex of practice studies ” the task already was decided to be the society with Nanjing city not much amount to to teach by city education bureau ” 935 ” one of key tasks. The near future, “Xiang Shanjia grows the school ” the 2nd carry out of Nanjing city that still is seleted to publicize an evaluation by Nanjing municipal Party committee goes socialistic core viewpoint of value is excellent educational case. (reporter Ma Daojun)