Build Ye: Put out with capital alive division start engine ” from refer material speculation to take 5 million yuan to give a letter, a week is done decided! ” last month, nanjing is fair sincere limited company go well applies for courtyard of delibrate of energy-saving new material ” build Ye new and high protect into garden ” ” borrow first protect ” child. Company finance manages manage Sun Biao says, because do not have firm capital guaranty, the company before this is borrowed by 4 banks refus. Second half of the year enters sale peak period, earnestly needs capital to purchase raw material, awarded a letter to solve their extremely urgent. “Build Ye new and high protect into garden ” it is the massage of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that Nanjing city builds city of the Nanjing austral Ye Jing Cuilin washs bath center to combine a province to assure again in which area orgnaization of finance of company, part, be aimed at industry financing difficult, financing is expensive the series banking product that roll out. Warden Li Hui says, carry out plenary meeting of provincial Party committee deep ” grow energetically finance handles affairs wait for contemporary cook miracle ” resolution decoration, those who build Ye area to enrich assemble of orgnaization of the finance inside play area is windward, innovation banking modes of life and relation to their environment, polished ” gold is taken ” brand, with financial catenary the ode can innovate catenary, in Nanjing ” action business is broken through year ” run to build Ye ” acceleration ” , high quality props up quickly modern internationally urban center. Finance of assemble of the area that build Ye kind the orgnaization exceeds 500, limits of processing of illicit collect fund holds whole town about 40% , financial orgnaization assemble spends house whole town the first. Another of coin, it is the area that build Ye nearly 20 thousand enterprises, the science and technology of small capital fund that is the category such as digital economy, feral intelligence most probably about medium and small businesses. Finance ” strong ” and enterprise ” light ” , if why develop gold to blend,get together windward ode can be medium small tiny branch starts a business, it is to build what Ye innovation grows ” surely answering question ” . With finance lentic irrigate hypostatic economy, this year in April, the area that build Ye together orgnaization of much home banking is rolled out ” build Ye new and high protect into garden ” . “Borrow first protect ” face board bridge of Nanjing of small small company and start enterprise which bathhouse supply deposits money without guaranty credit, enterprise like apartment of type of hotel of public house of the room in one Nanjing highest can obtain 5 million yuan of deposit to give a letter and saving interest rate not prep above market is congener level; “Add the forehead to protect ” the medium and small businesses that manages 1 year of above in the light of reality, the enterprise need not add pawn newly to be able to be obtained highest 10 million yuan add a letter; “Cross the bridge to protect ” face deposit to expire soon need capital to turn borrowed business; “Aid borrow protect ” face long large company, the forehead that give a letter is spent be as high as 50 million yuan; “Allowance is borrowed ” face Nanjing to hydrotherapy massages the Nanjing of of all kinds actor that already obtained policy to give aid to private order control company of fine of meeting place invite applications for a job; “The government is purchased borrow ” face the government with management prominent position to purchase win the bid enterprise. “Product of 6 kinds of big banking enclothes the complete lifecycle with grown enterprise, let ‘ cannot borrow ‘ enterprise ‘ can borrow ‘ , let ‘ borrow less ‘ enterprise ‘ borrow a lot of ‘ , strive allows a company to bank financing ‘ should run only ‘ . ” Chen Li of director of superintendency bureau of banking of the area that build Ye says. Sporting goods Inc. obtains Nanjing border town 25 million yuan of pure reputation are big give a letter; Department of hot spring of big public house of international of dawn of finite fair Nanjing applies science and technology of gram of clique of Nanjing Fei snow deposit of 1 million yuan of credit is obtained adroitly batch; South big electron is clever model handle affairs limited company obtains robot delibrate courtyard credit of 5 million yuan of standard interest rate is borrowed; Limited company of science and technology of Nanjing ferment data takes 500 thousand yuan to give a letter… ” build Ye new and high protect into garden ” announce, enterprise of nimble slow down ” the thirsty of financing ” . Stop now, already 34 start enterprise is entered ” borrow first protect ” business library, accumulative total awards letter forehead to spend 39.5 million yuan; Two enterprises win violet gold farming commercial firm ” add the forehead to protect ” give a letter, always give letter specified number 7.5 million yuan; 90 enterprises are entered ” allowance is borrowed ” business library. Not modes of life and relation to their environment of exhaust innovation banking, the finance that build Ye is lentic continuance wave. This year Feburary, limited company of fund of innovation of science and technology of the area that build Ye is built formally, head period 120 million yuan register capital to arrive after Zhang, the investment that completes orgnaizations of pair of 3 new-style research and development namely is examined and approve; In May, the 2nd Jiangsu builds Ye to hold activity of financial special performance into times of long plenary meeting, for area banking industry growing assemble intelligence supports; In July, build Ye to uncover block of first fund of card Nanjing — block of goldfish mouth fund, strive comes true 3 years inside add fund industry newly 300, increase fund scope newly 300 billion yuan guiding principle, those who make area capital attraction advocate grasper and the hatch that cultivate an industry implement… the area building Ye that holds than coming appoint plenary meeting is basked in piece ” period in exam paper ” , whole first half of the year area introduces 62 finance kind orgnaization, new register equity to invest fund 26, whole area accumulative total registers fund limits to already exceeded one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan. Capital engine is plangent, to build infuse of innovation of Ye science and technology not exhaust motivation. The motivation that exceed gain from a small small company that wants a few two offices, stuff only, grown for system of assembly of motivation of car of domestic new energy resources the first; New from hydrotherapy of a Nanjing with force 11 magazines grow the business of cable of domestic tidal water that is year of sale to exceed 3 billion yuan ” the first platform ” ; Raw power animation from move free child to make three-dimensional treatment for abroad, transition comes the industry tycoon that makes movie of free-standing IP animation… first half of the year, the area that build Ye declares tall look forward to of province, city to breed library business to increase compared to the same period 100% , the autograph makes an appointment with orgnaization of new-style research and development 9, exceed a customer year old annual gross, hatch and recommend a company 67. “Block of goldfish mouth fund will be hit form make one’s home the long triangle of extensive of Nanjing, radiate, area fund processing in completely state-owned consequence is center, new center of poineering support of center of financial industry assemble and innovation. ” Li Hui says. Enter with fund halt drive the enterprise that enrol business to enter halt, build Ye to drive target the headquarters project with powerful force to attract industry, careful breeds good into long-term view admirable medium and small businesses, mission of trade of strive annual action is finished 130% , sign again make an appointment with be born orgnaization of 9 new-style research and development, hatch enterprise arrives at 100, even more forehead comes true times increase a plan. Plan to be held every year ” forum of height of fund of goldfish mouth whole world ” , every season spreads out ” estrade of goldfish mouth a person of academic or artistic distinction ” , hold every months ” salon of goldfish mouth theme ” , stop road of one second project to act every week, financing butt joint… fall child fund, innovation of the activation that build Ye becomes long full Chi Chunshui. Nanjing incredible connecting with the boxing skill if domestic public house