Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Dai Meimei) ” psoriasis ” dot of booth of small advertisement, flow, ” corpse car ” the disease of 3 big dense that is urban processing, affect the appearance of city of the appearance of a city of the area for a long time. Come this year, rain spends stage area to be those who drive civilized town to found, advance 3 big special processing to work continuously. So the current situation of disease of this 3 big dense how? On August 23 afternoon, xi Shanqiao of area of pluvial beautiful stage executes the law committee member of delegate of street National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, integratedly examination group inspects street processing job condition. (committee member of delegate of street National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference inspects punish condition) clear 10 thousand pieces of advertisement are stuck, let ” psoriasis ” no longer bovine city chaos is stuck, dauby of all kinds small advertisement, wild advertisement, be regarded as all the time ” urban psoriasis ” , violated economic order of the city not only, also break the law because of still be being contained in many small advertisement trade to wait for information with bilk, become the breeding ground that all sorts of illegal crime cause. Draw near boreal road contains the Xi Shanqiao of 205 nations line that subway of oil mill bridge stands more than 500 business door, person flow is large, be ” psoriasis ” small advertising sends an area high. The spray paint advertisement on metope relies on stucco of coating, paint, the advertisement of the ground is enclothed through the stucco such as asphalt, cement, the lotion relying on Qing Dynasty of paste is cleaned… rise from May, administration of street and integrated punish is censorial execute the law the group is adopted scanty the means that blocks union up, everyday before dawn begins at 45 o’clock to clear the job, till business door opens the door,do business, be in at the same time the key a sector of an area such as road of the Huaihe River of station of subway of oil mill bridge, dragon crouchs defend, once discover staff of small advertising of paste, spray, take a picture instantly obtain evidence, send to city canal to execute the law Xi Shanqiao squadron treats the group. (the small advertisement of storefront is kept clear of completely) the reporter steps down along road of Xi Shanqiao north, cannot see almost ” psoriasis ” small advertising form. It is reported, only the time of 3 months, execute the law the group keeps clear of in all in key a sector of an area small handbill more than 16000 pieces, reduced the phenomenon of small advertisement paste greatly. Set time to manage, let booth of going from place to place nod no longer ” work as a guerrilla ” although dot of booth of going from place to place went to the lavatory the citizen’s life, but its take management action, affected urban environment badly however. Hill of another name for Taishan Mountain piece the area already was entered now be stationed in 52000, shed generous characteristic because of its person, booth of going from place to place nods concentration hereat. To ensure road safety is expedite, be aimed at breakfast dot, street execute the law the group asks all booth dot undertakes standardization is managed spreading out nodding before 8 o’clock every morning, ask to spread out advocate clear in time the circumjacent rubbish that management booth nods, make sure environmental sanitation is neat, exceed what still did not receive booth at 8 o’clock to be nodded with the booth that does not accord with a requirement, the group can undertake banning. Flow spreads out the dot administers difficulty to rebound greatly, easily, the reporter understands, before centering punish, execute the law the group spreads out to the flow inside area under administration the dot is in place, personnel to form reach an amount to wait undertake trying to find out the real intention, accomplish know fairly well, begin conduct propaganda extensively to teach the job, to listening to advise take management action, the group stops working jointly do, the area executes the law the group undertakes setting out lawfully. Current, the group already persuaded to nod 206 from booth of going from place to place, administration punishs 11. Build ” one car first gear ” , let ” corpse car ” occupy no longer ” face of grey head earth ” , unmanned claim, take up parking space… long-term since, going back on his word not to go ” corpse car ” take up not only communal stop carfare source, and appearance of city of serious effect the appearance of a city. Through executing the law a large body of investigation tries to find out the real intention, 77 corpse car adds up to inside area under administration, this punish basically is to be aimed at blame close the artery of primary and secondary of the village, execute the law the circumstance of car of corpse of general of a large body of, distributing undertake filing, build ” one car first gear ” . To clear car information, the group provides corpse car information small military unit corresponding to a company, make its right car advocate undertake be announcemented one by one, to cannot getting in touch, or inform a car advocate hind still carry away not actively ” corpse car ” , unified haul car from the spot, carry fixed place to undertake depositing. End at present, street execute the law the group already undertook to 57 corpse car Qing Dynasty procrastinates, next, street execute the law the group will advance the rest stage by stage the processing of 20 corpse car and Qing Dynasty pull the job, utmost still at Che Yumin, build the road transportation environment of a restful and expedite harmony for the citizen. (site of meeting of integrated processing job) begin special punish to act from May, through the punish of a few months, appearance of Xi Shanqiao’s street city of the appearance of a city is already preliminary obtain better result, the affirmation that 3 big special processing work to also get committee member of delegate of street National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and praise. Examination of street and integrated administration executes the law group of a large body of grows Zhu Xiangjun to express, the group will guide and arouse broad citizen to protect environmental enthusiasm, consciousness, consolidate at the same time achievement of punish of 3 big special moves, accomplish rectify and reform one place, consolidate one place, ensure clear ” psoriasis ” , ” faker of going from place to place ” , ” corpse car ” wait for a city to administer the job to enter normalization, often change, build neat and orderly person to rank an environment, the image of the city zone that promotes rain beautiful stage area and savour, advance Nanjing civilized town to found the job.