A souvenir badge, twinkle the Kingdom of Wei of national condition of 3 acting newspapers obtains decoration the Kingdom of Wei to be the same as glad and Du Caiwen with glad place souvenir badge of north of group photo China, manacle northwest souvenir badge, 3 class to manacle decoration from force decoration, 3 class… live in Nanjing city Qin Huai Ou Xuguang, still collecting these exploit chapters that mark reactionary time up to now, if,inspect jewellery. Imprinting on exploit chapter quarter red star, banner, former 669 years former times, unaltered bright Guang Zeng is bright. In all souvenir badge, manacling northwest souvenir badge is a when have a story most, this defends the 60 marital the Kingdom of Wei that carry to be obtained with glad with Du Caiwen, not only guesthouse of a small room of name of big plant of the destruction that witnesses an old the world, Nanjing washs bath the birth of a new the world, also witnessed the love that they are born in fierce nitre smoke. Souvenir badge center maps for northwest, upside is waftage the Five-Star Red Flag, bottom has ” manacle northwest souvenir badge ” and ” northwest stratocracy committee promulgates ” inscriptive. Copper is qualitative aureate, enamel is red, white colour. Souvenir badge is collected by Du Caiwen careful, often broom, do not fall a dirt. “When hitting Taiyuan, he is artillerist, I do logistics work, wrap up to the wounded when the nurse from temporarily transfer of song and dance ensemble. ” stroke is worn this shiny decoration, the report of Du Caiwen old person lifts the one part of historical endless flow, utterance of phone of hotel of Nanjing free heart becomes clang, the spurt in the eyes is given out another glorious. Days is returned as the report of the old person manacled Taiyuan campaign win initial success in April 1949 that momently. The barback of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun that Wei Tongxin makes instructions and artillerist of northeast field army one division fights in coordination. On April 24 5 when 30 minutes, as signal flare tears off a red the night sky before dawning, manacle army the army that attack a town in chorus of more than 1300 cannon is blusterous, to evil blow of firm of Taiyuan city wall. In the morning 10 when, through 4 fierce battle of half hours, taiyuan announces to manacle. And the corner in battlefield, chinese masses allows to manacle when army the first field army the first corps one army the Du Caiwen of monitor of 3 division propaganda team also go up as army live wire, she 17 years old is held the position of for the moment health worker, carry the wounded of litter, emergency treatment, run go up in battleground. Du Caiwen’s mother worries daughter safety, sitting carriage hurries to Taiyuan. City of Taiyuan of big fight postmortem suffers misery, the mother persuades Du Caiwen: “The child, come home with mom, girl home is fastened outer dozen dozen kill killed! ” definitely of sauna of hotel of hill of gold of square source of Du Caiwen Nanjing refuses: “Mom, do not carry Nanjing river on the west concern of appeal theme hotel I, wait for the whole nation to manacle me to come home accompany you. ” brandish fastens a mother, du Caiwen returns modern drama of propaganda team rehearse ” Liu Hulan ” , the 2 aunt of personate Liu Hu Lan. Propaganda team is performed in large stage of advance ancestral temple, cooperate legionary train and consolidate, invigorate morale. Perform this just about, let understanding of two hero first time that never meet. “He is familiar with when victory meeting, hotel of Nanjing Milan holiday how many money he is nonofficeholding receive award, look to feel other people is good, it is faithfulness, frank very. ” memory leaves Wei Tongxin sees first that momently, the eye of Du Caiwen old person becomes gentle rise. “I and he fights a few times, discover another person good, bounden duty, also had cut truly to me, I saw his record, see him how one is guided, how one arms, again difficult had not called suffering, the communist in be being imagined with me is same… ” Taiyuan one battle, because Wei Tongxin is broken acute hearing be judged to be 3 class to disable. Think of beside the comrade-in-arms of numerous sacrifice, his waiver disables pay, hand in disable card, march along with army northwest, continue reactionary, return masses bosom till total number of all in September 1949 northwest. Manacle the Wei Tongxin of the member that warlike front line makes instructions as intervening northwest, by grant ” manacle Nanjing to wash souvenir badge of northwest of labour of give sb a rubdown with a damp towel of bath invite applications for a job ” . On April 18, 1952, 6 steed are being carried on the back Du Caiwen and send close comrade-in-arms to come to auditorium of battalion of artillery piece of legionary Xining place where troops are stationed, a reactionary Jia Shijian’s plain wedding, pull open she and Wei Tongxin to be as long as 65 years to be deeply attached to each other, what dedicate oneself to the service of his motherland hand in hand is prelusive. In Wei Jia, be collected by careful all the way with souvenir badge, still have exclusive large and small of two the centre of the palm, point to large photograph part partly. Album wrappage has faded, cockle, some ground general plan is shown mottled. The page inside album, below gules mount, one Zhang Zhang old photograph records the reactionary past event of Du Caiwen and Wei Tongxin, and this family ” partisan dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland ” a bit. 1966, already was the captain military rank, Wei Tongxin that holds the position of head of division politics department, complete thing army brigade of 29 years lives, be transferred to civilian work arrives in those days Taiyuan of Shanxi of department of the 5th mechanical estate 743 factories work. December 1970, the Wei Tongxin that already was 13 class cadre comes to Nanjing, recieve orders establish new 528 factories, and around development goes ” 3.5 meters of Liu Dao are general periscope ” wait for child, prop up for national defence make enter newly display. Arrive from campaign time prop up days, the Kingdom of Wei is the same as glad family ” partisan dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland ” reactionary Sai Wei, still carry out in the education to unborn children. “I am told with them should partisan dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland, should study well, culture of attend in a advanced studies, do an useful to the country talent. ” be in partisan patriotic domestic wind is penitentiary below, wei Jiahou is acting 10 people around joins the army. Aged Wei Kejun, automation of written instructions of military region of Beijing of the Ren Na when retiring stands stationmaster, senior engineer, senior colonel military rank; Second child Wei Kening, had joined Yunnan old hill to jumping over embezzlement backstroke battle, flourish establishs third class meritorious service, in manacle army manage to be versed in automation of university written instructions fastens a dean to allow to go up emeritus, senior colonel military rank; Inn of drum-tower of hotel of Shanghai of female Nanjing night Wei Jing already was taken an examination of originally on net of night of legionary article Nanjing is versed in really round, become medical expert later, scientific research effect ever had the honor to win national science second-class award. Arrived grandson generation, 1999, firm a silk and coton fabric of 19 years old of islands also was entered five, become soldier of a communication. “He is initiative be afraid that enlist is assiduous, the uncle did 3 days of his Sai Wei to work, went military school, became arms. Return will change entirely appearance, learned to carry obligation, also after all the father that Nanjing Fujian road washed bath 24 hours to understand him and grandfather. ” the photograph when Wei Kejun is pointing to Wei Weigang of the son in photograph collect to put on army to take, not by smile. 2014, wei Jing and marital Wu Zhengyang take the hero route of father generation again together, the detonation of the growl of bullet, artillery shell is in again it seems that their side side is resonant, reactionary knack drives a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail-endure great hardships in pioneer work, if the case suddenly that hardships struggles still is in before. 2016, depend on of rely on of help of offspring of home of the Kingdom of Wei changes reactionary memory ” time does not have mark — Wei Tongxin harships hundred years reactionary memoir ” . “The original idea that father writes this memoir 10 clear white, come with this namely hold a memorial ceremony for the martyr of those sacrifice that it is a country, teach descendants with it, inspire forefathers. ” Wei Kejun says full tear of the hold in mouth or eyes in have sth in mind. In July 2018, after the Kingdom of Wei is the same as glad die half an year, wei Kejun is taking Yu Ze of grandchildren the Kingdom of Wei to weigh hero road, lake of Zhengzhou of one pedestrian by way of, Taiyuan, Xi Baipo, small hill and stage village, experience ” old quarter feelings ” , never forget where one’s happiness comes from, will ” gules gene ” blend in hematic arteries and veins. “The child, you are born in family of an armour person, want oneself responsibility since the burden, want the lucky life of instantly of take care for, want managing and economical, harmonious solidarity. Any time cannot forget one’s origin. ” this is younger brother of grandchildren of two pairs of Ou of reactionary soldier Wei Tongxin, Du Caiwen beautiful want address of Nanjing great open public house to beg, the requirement that also ought to be pair of instantly youths — the society is held the position of, not Wei hardships, partisan dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland! Time does not have mark, reactionary firewood fire always travels.