Little elder brother sells to dog all the way outside road head captures a thief late on August 8, police of the Huaihe River of Nanjing the Qin Dynasty is received call the police phone, the other side says he is outside sell little elder brother, he just recovered the quick hotel near hotel of Nanjing Milan holiday to be mixed by the storage battery of pilfer only from thief hand an electric car. Receive after calling the police, policeman of police station of face heavenly palace hurries to the spot to understand a situation instantly. According to calling the police person male division commander is allowed first, oneself are outside sell match Nanjing little the member that massage invite applications for a job sends, nanjing sauna close down is dusk in December 2018 much at 6 o’clock, in Pearl River road all around when provision selling to return outside sending, discover roadside has small I am very doubtful, he is dallied with from time to time twice beside electric car. Male division commander all the way as this small I. From bead Nanjing has sufficient cure and massage groom school Jiang Lu follows sheepskin alley, when doorway of the edifice in coming to blessing at first, the man stops beside an electric car to appear to use hand opportunity in look for. Male the division commander worries about him one small my effort is insufficient, the security personnel of the edifice in finding happiness seeks a help. Through the monitoring of security personnel room, male the division commander discovers the man is very fast pilfer gets roadside the storage battery of an electric car, procurable hind encase with cloth, the dynamoelectric Che Xiangshi that rides oneself rouses road deflection to escape. After seeing this brushstroke face, recreation of peaceful dim light of night of river of male division Nanjing meets a director to develop a large building instantly, ride a car to stop to dog. When should walking along mouth of one underground passageway, male suddenly overtake overtakes the division commander thief, a nab he is severe sauna ground berates near big public house of lira of Nanjing sweet case: “Did not run, hand over storage battery come! ” thief sees the job beats an issue, throw the storage battery in the bosom male after the division commander, the car also did not want, in a flurry change escapes into subterranean passageway. Male after the division commander waits for security personnel to arrive, take the car Nanjing of the thief that be mixed by the storage battery of pilfer the appeal public house that invite applications for a job of hotel evening show has near punishment Nanjing road to bring back the edifice in blessing together, signed up for next alarm. Subsequently, policeman general is brought back to expedite Nanjing’s best hotel hydrotherapy by pilfer storage battery and distrustful person car meeting place, found very quickly by the owner of lost property of pilfer, owner of lost property what does a place where people gather for various purposes of meat or fish of 168 sufficient bath have to Nanjing male division commander suggestion is appreciated. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, police of the Huaihe River of now the Qin Dynasty has put on record reconnoiter, see for the road thief volunteers male the division commander is declared be ready to help others for a just cause, in working to spreading out further related.