Does numerous net red inn shop why can extremely red temporarily? Center of coastal waters international is downstair ” store of flagship of bubble surface little dining room ” already closed business of new market opening encircles luck but four of red inn of a net inside group of trade of underground of opening of new market of grandfather の inn, purchase of the person that much name is used up queueing up should ask assorted Yao Mei was fed 2018 most fire, pervade of each urban streets and lanes ” bubble surface little dining room ” name of the move on sure a list of names posted up. When former times in September, ceng Tan of reporter of contemporary wall bulletin visited Nanjing 5 ” bubble surface little dining room ” , made comprehensive assessment from the respect such as stomach of decoration, mouth, price. But still be less than a year, reporter of contemporary wall bulletin discovers, four of these 5 inn already all went bankrupt. City resembles bubble surface little dining room on the road such, in the leap up inside short time the inn of red, net red cate that fades out of Great Master eye shot very quickly again still has a lot of. Hot cannot the one that be assorted continue? Expert analysis has many sided reason. “Bubble surface little dining room ” one piece, allege collect the bubble surface that comes from the world the various states, tie-in and rich burden, general general completely bubble surface is boiled gave new pattern, one moment attracts numerous deadbeat to head for have a taste of what is just in season, collecting suffer from excessive internal heat to rise adroitly. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin ever also evaluated the little dining room of 5 bubble surface that is located in opening of Nanjing new market and road of big bridge north. On August 15, the little dining room of 3 bubble surface that the reporter visited contemporary wall bulletin to be located in business of new market opening to encircle. The bubble surface little dining room that ever was located in corridor of garment of appraise of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill, already led to a chophouse now. The boss that the inn that lie between adjacent shops says: “Guest year old closed, left to do not have a few months. ” square is decorating Yinlaidi innovation, the now of little dining room of surface of a bubble inside also is in close bankrupt condition. The bubble surface little dining room of Zhongshan electron city, also led to a house that risk dish now. On August 16, the reporter comes to road of north of big bridge of riverside mouth area, here ever had little dining room of two bubble surface, but reporter along the road many look for, technician of preserve one’s health of invite applications for a job of Ktv of evening show of Nanjing high end did not see. The dweller all around and businessman say, little dining room of surface of these two bubble closes already. In addition, the reporter is in in visitting Cheng of stoat of  of duty of these 5 inn again, discovery has left in center of coastal waters international downstair ” store of flagship of bubble surface little dining room ” , and ever was located in those who delay age alley ” convenient cover ” of He Hongwu road ” bubble surface little dining room ” already all also closed. Inn of numerous net red cate fades out of Xu Mi of eye shot citizen this clear sense suffers, the bubble surface little dining room beside is less and less, “Often can see on the road before, this half an year is experienced do not have how Yao Jian passed. ” subsequently, reporter of contemporary wall bulletin turns over some to comment on platform, with ” bubble surface little dining room ” stop to search for the keyword, four of store of discovery much home is shown ” stop line of business of wine of Nanjing hotel full moon to close ” . Little dining room of similar bubble surface red inn four still has such net a lot of. A few years ago, “Luck but grandfather の inn ” cake of the department since rely on has his moment, inn four opens full streets and lanes, for a time bustling. On August 19, the reporter is in same comment on platform to go up, with ” luck but grandfather ” search for the keyword, discover Nanjing can search 4 only. Subway of new market opening leaves in station underground passageway have ” luck but grandfather の inn ” , nothing more than discovery of reporter seek by inquiry, besides the cake having department with this first store, boiler of this Nanjing preserve one’s health is full automatic inn adds carry out to suckle fragile bubble Fu, white hare to coil now, the child such as Xiaobei of Hai Tai dried meat floss. The subterranean business of new market opening leaves inside the circle have shop of numerous cate inn, person cake, fruit scoops up Zhi of Shu Fulei, Durian… here, the person that use up can find the cate that heats up greatly currently. A lot of citizens still remember up to now, in subterranean business decoration team buys the setting of asinine flesh baked wheaten cake when former times. Encircle in business all around working Di Mi this tell contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, a few years ago, the Great Master is contended for go buying asinine flesh baked wheaten cake, nanjing installs heart gate quick hotel ” I remember prepaid money takes order, 10 money, the person that queue up but much. ” and now, the inn four of baked wheaten cake of that flesh opening an ass became store of a cake, before the door dragon of unaltered platoon leader. “Tai Mang ” also be before two years ever the net red inn of conflagration, full awn pulp, ice-cream and taro circle are above drink, it is frozen below tastily ice is sanded. Drink of such a cup of fruit, although price arrives at 30 yuan or so, but its exquisite surface attracted team of platoon leader of a lot of people to play card. Nothing more than before long, “Tai Mang ” the eye shot that also faded out of a Great Master gradually. Product is novel period passed, shut inn Jiang Mi gradually this the inn that ever was little dining room of surface of a bubble east, store opens to go up in big Wu Lu. She tells contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, at the outset school be massaged by friendly Nanjing of sauna of hotel of international of eagle of friend Nanjing gold encircles the video of little dining room of surface of a lot of bubble to attract him, “A lot of person in video is queueing up. ” Jiang Mi this say, after joining in, phone of public house of Nanjing Fu Jiancheng town just was bought to sell at first in inn very pretty good, every day turnover can amount to thousands of yuan. But after a many month, deal becomes poor at first, “Meal is such, open a new store, the person city all around will taste, but in front cannot, I 23 Nanjing are black this year month of military division public house with respect to put up the shutters. ” according to comprehending, jiang Mi this investment loss four yuan. Deadbeat was not spent piously is on one hand, but on the other hand, jiang Mi this think manage the cause that has owed and brand shelter not to reach the designated position about, “Brand haven was not done good, a lot of congener inn shop ” , jiang Mi this say, what she joins in is the meal company of a Guangzhou, and the company of a meal that what her friend joins in is Xiamen. “The product that we sell in ark face, with the child when joining in at first, had had very big change really, extend the product that gave demand of a lot of appropriate markets. ” new market opening ” luck but grandfather の inn ” chief season division commander says, this inn four does business all along at first from 2013 up to now. Although be located in group of trade of new market opening, quantity of stream of people compares muscularity, but season division commander says: “Deal has been owed now, can winding maintains. Guest unit price is lower than force also, every day thin volume is less than hot the half when. ” season division commander still tells a reporter, fitness of Nanjing Bbc international is met from 2014 second half of the year starts, “Luck but grandfather の inn ” the brand runs in the right way no longer to join in business furnishs to be tasted newly and brand conduct propaganda handles affairs, basis of natural vitamin E relies on hall of preserve one’s health of Nanjing of protection of early days operation completely join in manage just independently, react and expect what win a customer actively through the platform on the line for instance, “Also shop of trader of a lot of brother closed, of child novel period passed, also did not taste ability of research and development newly, close store gradually. ” experience type is used up, can hot Pu Zhengning analyses associate professor of college of processing of economy of university of 34 months southeast, similar ” bubble surface little dining room ” such inn four, disobeyed the basis discipline of meal industry, “Discipline is above all child wants delicious, and there ought to be a balance between the price of delicious level and child. Bubble surface is a convenience and fast child originally, deserve to carry its unit price exceed what is proper is high with the form of complementary makings, this was formed want deal only. The Great Master eats, it is sex of a kind of experience is used up. ” he says, such as ” luck but grandfather の inn ” four waiting for inn, principal those who use is to be in short-term inside absorbing gas, enrage with short-term person sell a product with price of even more forehead inside very short time, can give out the form that throw capital money and earns certain profit as soon as possible thereby. Pu Zhengning still says, originally a child lifts attention orgasm, it is from a city disseminate arrives another city. As the change of disseminate way, after Internet instant puts in, a lot of businessmen are imitated join in, the production that causes a climax can 3 to 4 months no longer hot. Jiangsu saves meal guild to walk on guild to be good at learning flourish to tell contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, “Bubble surface little dining room ” rate of put up the shutters is high principal the reason that has tripartite side: The first be the person that use up use up anticipate did not arrive, the 2nd gender price that is food is compared not tall, the 3rd because staple food dining-room used snack form,be, operate formal simplification. Yu Xuerong says, four should return to net red eating house the essence of meal, it is a focus in order to taste, it is a target with nutrition, this cannot change.