Head does steam make an appointment with car driver not to make a list is much freer platform not responsible to this? A3 edition: Day of wash one’s hair of section of heavy pound next year goes high speed, installed ETC is talent free? On August 20, the child of division commander of Nanjing citizen contented is using a steam to take a taxi in software process, suffer driver chaos free, originally more than yuan 30 travelling expenses just received 60 yuan. But, contented division commander is in connection head steam makes an appointment with a car to stop Nanjing to be proud go vacationing when the hotel is praised, this platform replies however say this matter does not put in them ‘s charge to be in charge of. “A word with respect to Nanjing national honour is met a few all inn are indirect shuffle, is order for goods the one that takes from their platform? ” contented division commander does not understand this very much. According to praise of contented division commander, the hotel with Nanjing first-class on August 20 afternoon scenery, his home child connects net of too high heart to restrict a car affined platform agreement a car makes a steam in to a taxi, distance is from Jiang Ning Jin Ying goes to library of the area that build Ye. But, the driver after getting on a car did not make watch plan cost. After reaching target ground, child of contented division commander enquires a carfare, driver with journey relatively change for, asked for 60 yuan. On the platform that rent a car, this a section of a highway beforehand appraise expenditure is more than yuan 30 only. Child of contented division commander enquires whether have bill, because the system was not received,the driver is alluded, cannot furnish bill, ask scanning of child of contented division commander is small my 2 dimension code pays. “Mere because the passenger is the child, do not play by regulations, minatory even child does not pay not to give get off, this was spent overly also! ” contented division commander massages Long Jiang to blind of beautiful of this Nanjing hand the reaction is very angry. Contented division commander tells a reporter, he ever had contacted after the event processing of pursuit agreement a car plans a steam. But, head steam makes an appointment with a car to reply however say, this matter does not put in them ‘s charge to be in charge of, the driver is house of preserve one’s health of hot spring of Nanjing bay star 78 administer by taxi company, platform just is alluded can stop education to this driver. To such answer, contented division commander is not approbated, “Platform promises a line next payment, this is apparent to the driver’s superintendency not of apply. If produced more serious job, that one platform whether also need not is bear compulsory? ” subsequently, beautiful hotel massages Nanjing brilliant sufficient cure reporter interviewed a steam to restrict car Nanjing branch, relevant controller alludes Nanjing massage to hire information, they are not in charge of dealing with, need contacts a steam to make an appointment with processing of car customer service. And contact a steam to arrange car customer service when the reporter when, they are approbated have this matter happening truly, but processing need ancestors of the job reports all right, they allude platform to had been done to this matter urgent deal with, can reply as soon as possible reporter. The reporter also interviewed bureau of processing of surveillance of market of the region that build Ye, relevant controller alludes reporter of answer of the ability after needing hold a conference or consultation. The reporter still interviewed bureau of Nanjing city traffic to handle affairs hot line, relevant job employee alludes meeting general job reaction is booked to give Jiang Ning traffic bureau and guest canal between bag of Ktv of field of this Nanjing meat or fish place, be in charge of dealing with by them. To stopping invite applications for a job of Nanjing evening show at this matter 500 fee pause, reporter of contemporary wall bulletin reports follow-up. Nanjing is new near market opening sufficient bath