Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Dai Meimei) recently, school of characteristic of football of the 2nd batch of campus of Nanjing city (nursery school) found an unit to announce, area of pluvial beautiful stage has 3 schools selected, add first 17, at present this area shares school of characteristic of 20 campus football. So is area of pluvial beautiful stage how build atmosphere of campus football culture? Base oneself upon gains ground, let more students participate in 2015, area of pluvial beautiful stage takes the lead in becoming first Jiangsu province and throughout the country ” teenage campus football is pilot area ” , rain spends brilliant of achievement of football of stage division school yard, gain ground with base oneself upon, complete member participate in inseparable. Let a football walk into campus classroom, the middle and primary school of area of pluvial beautiful stage is fulfilled every week class of a football, let a student master in football course, use football mastery of a skill or technique. Let a football walk into playtime activity, the characteristic of each school inside the area is different, elementary school of experiment of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain develops activity of exclusive football section every year, let student and parents be participated in together come in; Xi Shanhua of elementary school of pluvial beautiful foreign language encloseds ground for growing trees minute of school, jinisi challenges the campus football of own design, football hold football of a bottle of dance, basket type to wait, let entire school teachers and students can be participated in. Let a football walk into league matches, 4 class league matches allows level of class, school, area class, city class in the activity that more students participate in a football, let more football talents get sufficient play on match field. It is reported, the school of campus football characteristic with selected already area of pluvial beautiful stage is occupied in whole area nearly 70% , the area teachs bureau elementary school to teach division Zhu Qinghua to tell a reporter, educational bureau grasps holding ” let more children participate in ” education concept, participate in through inviting everyone, teachers and students is participated in, domestic school is participated in, let more student and parent can be blended in in football culture atmosphere. Football Yo person, let a student find the stage that belongs to his ” the change that the football brings a student the biggest change is disposition. ” Guo Weixing of president of elementary school of experiment of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain tells a reporter, after this school has individual child to participate in, original disposition is very indrawn, do not be willing to communicate with the classmate on the class, but after training, find self-confidence slowly, now already is the brunt of school football team. The football is developing powerful Yo person function. Zhu Qinghua expresses, let while students are enjoying football motion pleasure, more important is the spirit that education unremitting, do all one can goes all out in work, establish consciousness of collaboration, custom, and the healthy psychology quality that treats success and failure correctly. Current, some football characteristic campus not only development football athlete, small judgment, young reporter, small cameraman also is in ceaseless education, let more students find the part that attributes his, let them be on respective arena from inside more ways. Chase after ” sufficient ” the dream lets training get professional safeguard is education of contented football course and football club construction, let more students leave a dream further, this area is adopted exterior introduce the mode that is united in wedlock with oneself education to accelerate a football to train construction speed. It is reported, in developing campus football to work, elementary school of experiment of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain is the same as institute of interest of Milan of international of Su Ning sports to reach the strategy to cooperate, establish grade echelon formation according to the age, be the same as actively exterior each school team communicates promotion. Only this year first half of the year, international Milan vice-chairman teachs Bruno outside Saneidi and football of Italian international Milan, the member that directive spherule is watched toward elementary school of experiment of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain before parting people training and match, to football team member people undertook instructor. “The team is in the football of our school to be able to train half hours or so after school, ” President Guo Weixing expresses, the school develops education resource adequately, not only the train that has school major undertakes guidance, the coach of place collaboration club also can visit the spot to give out proposal, the training that allows a student gets professional safeguard. Make ” all over the sky star ” talent of elite of training camp education so, the football campus of area of pluvial beautiful stage is in accomplish wide with actor while, how again ” essence of life ” is one pace made? The reporter understands, for the new channel of football of get through campus and green standard system, since 2017, the whole nation is pilot built ” all over the sky star ” training camp, the campus football that newspaper of area education bureau sends this year ” all over the sky star ” a list of names posted up on training camp, will give priority to in order to develop elite person with ability, predict to will be carried out formally next year. Future, area of pluvial beautiful stage will be cogent fulfil ” education is a foundation, the contest is crucial, system mechanism is safeguard, yo person is essential ” campus football develops a concept, the radiation that produces training camp further drives action, exploration perfects the new pattern that mothball talent develops campus football, consolidate ceaselessly, perfect and the condition of education training contest inside perfect area guarantees a system, the development that spends a football for rain provides a better training environment, for Chinese outstanding football the new channel of growing open up of mothball talent.