Decorate fecal classification, did your provision become good? The village is decorated fecal also want to classify. Gram day, city is built appoint two enterprises of affirmative our city serve as decorate fecal classification and capitalization to operate pilot, stop the entire chain that deals with from classification, place controlling use to try. 60 villages already signed an agreement, the attempt decorates fecal classification. Decorate fecal although also be belonged to,build fecal, but because scatter in the village, fecaller than be being built commonly deal with harder. The our city that be regarded as is building fecal capitalization to operate in inactive in a when gnaw the hardest ” hard bone ” . Spread out this pilot, aim to pass test run, the analysis decorates fecal classification to receive the difficulty that carry, classification operates and obstacle, for next capitalization operates the job leaves it is good head, good to bring road. One of pilot enterprises company of science and technology of circumstance of Nanjing dew demon, it is the business of strategy of sauna of Nanjing big plant that the our city develops a village exclusively to decorate fecal classification. Another pilot enterprise is Nanjing mine capital operates company, already spread out build burn down content to deal with operate old. Two are repeatedly, make the closed circuit that decorates fecal capitalization to operate. Feng Chao of inspector general of dew demon company is allowed first, they had been mixed agreement of 60 villages be completed, accredit working employee guidance to classify, same take-over consign. The reporter is in village of Na Dahe garden to see, the equipment in the village chest of 3 big iron, take leave of is being tagged ” coagulation clod ” ” metallic glass timber ” ” plastic foam gesso ” . But massage of working Nanjing sufficient bath is recreational central employee says frankly, because not be to force to classify, lean completely small I am self-conscious, have some of dweller even the life fecal also threw. “Too troublesome, we are the Qianlaigan that controls owner is vivid, not bay of river of Nanjing sauna forum is to do classification. ” with garden 26 one decorates a worker to be alluded to the reporter. “Abroad already realized intelligence to change classification, and we still are in armrest workpoint. ” Feng Chao is alluded, their hire some unit courtyard spreads out software highway pilot. Initial plan is, inside the village equipment classifies iron chest, paste classifies a label. After volume is full, issue sheet through APP by property, car pulls empty wagons to change into the village iron chest, plane of sufficient charm of Nanjing water wash one’s hair fecal carry is classified 2 times to software highway. “Space is limited, can first a few is received make an attempt. ” Feng Chao is allowed first, coagulation clod carry is gone to of mine deal with the drop lies at anchor Nanjing to pull sufficient preserve one’s health of lunar wash one’s hair to meet a recreational cafes desk and chair stop to operate again, the metal but secondhand take-over, expanded plastics after destroying, take-over. Whole technological process, principal 2 have a change of luck of pair of front classification, classification, sorting, sorting hind if why disappear accept does initial capital to calculate. Chen Jie of manage of mine firm total department for this pilot, come in house guaranty, raise fund to prop up in Dong Yang village deal with dot, purchase equips. “I believe to build fecal operating again is a La Hai. ” Chen Jie is alluded, on building site build fecal course product line simple sorting, can machine second birth to taste. But decorate fecal content too complex, they from capital consider, principal press 3 kinds of sorting, namely organic kind, inorganic kind with the metal kind. After dew demon decorates the village fecal carry to come, stop deep close sorting again through machinery, build among them fecal wait with gesso, glass, ceramic tile can machine reproduction content. The other sales that can sell, the use spending money that cannot sell arrives burn buy of whereaboutldirection of plant of factory, power plant, cement. “But it is difficult to also face two realities, if why be digested,one is the capital that carries again, it is reproduction content who will bury sheet. Now still does not have sensible policy one piece this. ” he says. According to comprehending, shenzhen is fecal to building operate integratedly the privilege of the respect such as derate of company executive revenue and credit, electrovalency. Shanghai is divided grant with allowance outside, still carried out capitalization child to force to use a system. Second birth of content of burn down of large solid body operates east Wang Chongyi of adviser of center of research and development thinks, sufficient technician conduces to wash one’s hair of these invite applications for a job of nightclub of method Nanjing high end the trouble back at home that removes a company, activation market intervening enthusiasm, proposal Nanjing is met in Spa of sauna Nanjing net as soon as possible break through somewhat on place policy. City builds fecal capitalization to operate carry out central chief suggestion, decorate fecal capitalization to operate in each district it is to just start, did not experience but abide. Decorate fecal component complex, can operate price of economy of goods and materials is low, be in each villages plus depart, collect difficult Nanjing sufficient taste sufficient bath preserve one’s health meeting place. Make public house of Nanjing dimension scene 3 buildings hydrotherapy is Nanjing center big public house to lose to build fecal capitalization to operate the most difficult content in the job, those who need governmental share, enterprise and society cooperate. Stop pilot constitute policy supply basis to give after this namely.