The wounded of intervening cure of my army medical team this is in Laos suddenly of northern city Lang helped nation on August 20 all around Xinhua News Agency of filmed traffic accident spot is sent ” warlike train ” the person that medical team cure is hurt occupies Chinese army net ” warlike train ” medical team occupies Jiangsu of Chinese army net Jin Ling business affairs international, nanjing sightseeing group produces serious traffic accident in Laos. Bureau of brigade of Nanjing city article 20 days afternoon 16:1Announce 9 minutes newest deliver, how does newest newspaper Nanjing’s small sufficient bath shop accuse the company according to forming a delegation, turmoil sends 13 people to die, among them 1 person of 12 people of Chinese passenger, Laos job employee. China is stationed in Laos ambassador Jiang Zaidong 20 days to be pulled in Laos Lang suddenly state is visited and the employee just gets hurt in condolatory traffic turmoil, nanjing comes sufficient plane of massage wash one’s hair holds combinative office to meet with Laofang, and to in old media allowed turmoil to relieve circumstance and succeeding activity to place first. China is stationed in Laos ambassador Jiang Zaidong 20 days to pull hotel of auspicious of state Nanjing luck to invite applications for a job is visited and express sympathy and solicitude for the employee just gets hurt in traffic turmoil in Laos Lang suddenly, hold office of KTV of shrine of combinative Nanjing master to meet with Laofang, and to in old media allowed turmoil to relieve circumstance and succeeding activity to place first. Jiang Zaidong alludes deep feeling of grief to grieve over to the victim, mix to victim family member get hurt employee suggestion is true and condolatory. After turmoil happening, china is stationed in Laos diplomatic and consular missions mechanism of the lash-up of the first moment that start, endeavor to throw relief job. Jiang Zaidong take leave of is the same as chief of section of Laos intercourse, legionary, public security, travel to communicate, honest just often changes the effort that everything can change please, spread out an employee to rescue adroitly, the wounded cure, victim finds a place for garden of labour Nanjing new grand sight lies fallow wash bath to make. The suddenly that be stationed in Lang pulls labour of Li Zhi of state consul general to be driven namely that evening in the accident go to the spot to mediate relieve. Jiang Zaidong is alluded, in in old both sides cooperates to endeavor to fall, the spot is relieved come to an end, next working keys turn into the wounded cure and turmoil deal with problems arising from an accident. Old both sides talks about a court decision to discuss in, gather promotes the following work: It is weigh the wounded cure as Chongzhongzhi, nation is helped in every phenomenon and Lang suddenly two ground spread out at the same time, in increasing, old collaboration, army ground cooperates with, strive had better treat a result; 2 it is to do good victim body to find a place for with sequel surely the job; 3 it is to do good guest family member to often be recieved with dredge of the wounded affection, in contented play endowment orgnaization and overseas Chinese Chinese are penitentiary, ensure every family has adviser of person specially assigned for a task; 4 it is to lash post of travel company appropriate deals with turmoil deal with problems arising from an accident honors the agreement the job. My army medical team intervenes news of relief China army network, joining China in Laos – Laos is legionary ” warlike train – 2019 ” human creed medicine relieves union to perform example and medical treatment to handle affairs Chinese masses of the activity manacles Nanjing cloud top to meet a Huang Lejun go to Laos ” warlike train ” medical team, 20 sunshine visit emergency treatment medicines and chemical reagents and outfit, before taking my army to relieve helicopter, toward Lang Bolabangjia enters pair of relief operations that undergo traffic accident brethren. According to comprehending, “Warlike train ” medical team expedited two batches of each 10 people that day, before be in an emergency, past turmoil address fulfils mission of the wounded cure. Local moment 12:3 of 20 days of the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.0, in square army is straight – 8G changes his costume or dress the Chinese wounded person that rescue helicopter carries 8 to suffer turmoil of disaster of Laos severe loaded vehicle reachs airport of every phenomenon made of baked clay another name for Taishan Mountain, the smallest 15 years old in them, 79 the biggest years old, reach have a change of luck old army 103 hospitals, by in old two surgeon protect an employee to carry out combinative cure. Old army deputy director general of health bureau of the General Logistics Department Lieutenant Colonel allows tower father in law first on the west say, this is Laos after sufferring serious traffic turmoil, first have a change of luck reachs the China of Laos capital the wounded. They will send toward old army 103 hospitals cure, this hospital is built by Chinese army help. Sightseeing company already sent person and partial cook a meal to belong to fly go to Laos on August 20, on the company of sightseeing of international of business affairs of Jiangsu gold hill that reporter of contemporary wall bulletin heads for construction to travel this yuan ave business ministry, a working employee is alluded, sightseeing company headquarters is in charge of person and this controller of business ministry and a few member family members, had driven by plane of hotel of Nanjing China Tai Moli go to Laos. On August 20 morning, reporter of contemporary wall bulletin will to company of sightseeing of international of business affairs of Jiangsu gold hill be located in the headquarters of Guangzhou road, piece surname director tells a reporter, of sightseeing company ” crash crew ” already developed work of deal with problems arising from an accident to this matter. The reporter is comprehended, on company of sightseeing of the construction of the sightseeing group that goes to Laos this and operation You Jinling yuan ave business ministry carries on. Afternoon at 1 o’clock, the reporter goes up in company of golden hill sightseeing business ministry sees yuan of ave, without employee of a few jobs business ministry is attendant, appear swing for nothing slightly. A working employee tells a reporter, they already will stopped to talk things over with the family member of sightseeing round member tomorrow morning, now should do business the controller of the ministry and controller of headquarters of company of golden hill sightseeing already were driven go to Laos deal with problems arising from an accident, partial cook a meal is belonged to the family member is visited toward Laos before also taking a plane together with chief. Be not ” health care tastes a group ” , manage compensate job is started subsequently, reporter of contemporary wall bulletin understands newest situation from company of sightseeing of international of business affairs of hill of gold of experience thing Jiangsu, family member of the person that the person that already built panel to tell dies and deal with incident of deal with problems arising from an accident, insurance company already major of massage of acupuncture of university of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of Nanjing of labour of compensate of the manage of assist a ruler in governing a country that start is made. According to international of business affairs of Jiangsu gold hill ministry of the couplet outside sightseeing company manages manage thunderous is allowed first, this sightseeing group is not a net to pass ” health care tastes a group ” , it is general group, by river of affiliated to a ministry peaceful business ministry constructs, of whole group hand in with the total number such as tourist guide of car, have dinner by Suzhou culture international sightseeing company is in charge of. He is alluded, in this sightseeing group, have an old person, also have the child. Among them the age is the oldest is a man of 79 years old, now this man is insensate dangerous, take-over to affection is checked and be treated in the hospital. In addition, two children also are in restful condition. “Specific get hurt manifest wait for the government to announce even, the person that now is hurt did not weigh disease, give priority to with abrade, sprain. ” thunderous says, sightseeing group is whole member all purchase person accident insurance. They had been in after turmoil happening the biggest endeavor to mediate deal with problems arising from an accident, today company has built lash-up working party, group person and insurance company employee take 20 days of the first class plane to fly all the way go to place to deal with. And family member of victim of assist a ruler in governing a country deals with funeral affairs, go ahead of the rest places the family member that has passport and visa to head for Laos. According to be being allowed first, what this second sightseeing group goes is the sightseeing awn road of a groovy series. Circuit is help nation to Lang suddenly first, go next capital every phenomenon, walk along line of a link to return again at first. As to traffic accident cause, thunderous suggestion, wreck a section of a highway is a new way, having can be a driver condition of satisfy the need is not familiar. In addition, also can recieve passenger ability with Laos place finite about. “1345 hot spring of Nanjing of specific turmoil predestined relationship go vacationing hotel by still will by local policeman part qualitative, the driver already was under control, ought to can give a report very quickly. ” remind to go to the lavatory consult and handle affairs, already placed family member of 2 experience thing to recieve a station: 1. Company of sightseeing of international of golden hill business affairs recieves station address: Road of drum-tower area Guangzhou 5 regnant international contact of 2 501 rooms: Plum setting phone: 025-51860978 2. Edifice of river peaceful Ou Luye recieves station address: On river peaceful area yuan ave 518 green wild edifices 301 rooms contact: Sun Xiaoqing phone: Phone of 18651635632 honest and straightforward: 15051855204