Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Dai Meimei) enter since summer, nanjing all the time high temperature is constant, street go up heat wave billow, environmental sanitation workers the beauty for the city is neat still insist to fight bravely in a gleam of. Today (on August 17) in the morning, rain spends stage area city to administer public committee member to answer area city actively to study the proposal that does worker of condolatory environmental sanitation, to ” urban beautician people ” painstaking, send cool and refreshing. Public committee member not only those who participate in urban processing is great and decision-making in, for processing all sorts of ” the city is ill ” build character to make suggestions, in still devoting oneself to commonweal career. The spot, public committee members serve shampoo, bath the summer such as dew, towel, cool and refreshing beverage to delegate of present worker of 50 environmental sanitation necessary daily life and sunstroke prevention drop in temperature things, be versed in to environmental sanitation people not Wei is burning hot the intense heat of summer, still stand fast post, the pains that offers neat surroundings clean to pay for broad citizen pays tribute, exhort environmental sanitation worker also should notice the body while hardship works, avoid to suffer heatstroke. Get express sympathy and solicitude for tasted environmental sanitation was versed in smile is shown on people face, “These are our one’s duty things, ” Ma Xiaojun of environmental sanitation division tells a reporter, of public committee member the affirmation that expressing sympathy and solicitude for also is pair of environmental sanitation jobs, environmental sanitation worker will continue to develop the battle high temperature, drive that fights the intense heat of summer, do one’s best do good own job, to create a clean, neat, stable, harmonious society the environment contributes his force. According to statistic, what extend this is condolatory article add up to more than 500. “The laborious that urban beautification and development cannot leave environmental sanitation worker is moved with one’s shoulder to collar, they change clean and neat city environment with arduous sweat. ” Wen Jian of deputy director general of bureau of area city canal expresses, borrow this activity to appeal citizen friends are made from oneself, throw a rubbish less, much portion is thankful, participate in urban environment sanitation actively to manage, model beautiful rain to spend new form jointly.