Arrange division to arrange the home please, spend 10 thousand are you willing? After arranging, mix before arranging contrast this state Ji piece all by suffer chest of supply of the person that visit to fill in quickly to explode, still be the feeling does not have the dress to wear; Should spend very long time every day looking for a tool; Arrange a room every time, do not have two days random Nanjing Xin formula of hydrotherapy of luxuriant meeting place… such a lot of vexedder the person has. Appeared now a kind of new occupation — ” arrange division ” , nanjing has, their defray does not poor, stop whole house to arrange, can amount to 10 thousand yuan freely. The express box of the corner is being opened wide, there is clothings, bag inside; Wave there is the shopping bag, case that pack on the window; In the kitchen, sauce of coal tub outfit expects and a place of strategic importance of division of massage of invite applications for a job of part-time job of massage of total number Nanjing is in in bags condiment in drawer ark, basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle is staying on mesa; It is sundry everywhere on mensal, desk… Liu close Si Fei often worries, “The chaos in the home arrives to if why be arranged,do not know, can look for person beg to aid only. ” the person that her beg helps is Yu Ying, from course of study two years arrange division. If you think to arrange even if be thrown, receive even if hide, arrange receiving is manual work nothing more than, that is off base. The chest of crowded dress, look be like cannot squeeze into a dress again, but, need only very short when, can be in Yu Ying hand is hollow a very large space. Before be being arranged at first, yu Ying should mix first house advocate ” confabulate ” : “Arranging received process is life of side lackey public record, also be born in collator at the same time. ” comprehend house advocate after demand, yu Ying is worn it is guaze mask, good to wear the shoe is covered, wait for ark of almirah, shoe, closet, kitchen, dormitory, study arrange suspend meticulous plan. The first pace is clear sky store content ark, all clothings in the home, toy, masked article, the article liquidation such as the book comes out. Next, according to ” enchanted ” and ” not enchanted ” classify article. “Receive have key, our group goes for this summary arrange 3 footwork, ‘ one Qing Dynasty two fixed position ‘ , namely clear sky, classification, fixed position. Nanjing is massaged groom orgnaization ” Yu Ying is allowed first, what they take seriously is eventually plan and structure. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, the group of more than jade-like stone place arranges almirah to need 3 to 4 hours. Stop whole house to arrange, need 3 to 4 days. “Waiting 34 days is worthiness, I do not have law tentative plan, wave on the window, on desk unexpectedly can that Yao Qingxin. ” Liu Mi this say. Award a person to be inferior to giving a person with the fish with fishing. Arrange complete issue, yu Ying still can give a client ” delimit key ” , help client learns to arrange, recover from an illness. One the year’s harvest grows 80 many clients, arrange whole house to need 10 thousand yuan in be being interviewed, cao Gongli tells the group controller of more than jade-like stone place reporter of contemporary wall bulletin, now this group has 3 small I. “The head entered the market 2017, grew the first year 80 many clients. It is buccal mouth according to legend grows come. Also client first time let us arrange cloakroom only probably children room, lay between paragraph of moment to look for us to arrange whole house again. ” what Nanjing has invite applications for a job of a few centers that wash bath and net to pass is same, arrange division to be cut freely truly not low. Cao Gongli tells a reporter: “Now arranges division to have kind of 3 kinds of plan cost, a kind of transverse length gauge that presses ambry is expended, one kind presses Heng Yu area, one kind is to be awaited on time. Always arrange 3 when a 100 square metre control home, can amount to 10 thousand yuan freely. ” according to be being allowed first, now, cao Gongli handles affairs with her group content is double and meticulous more specialization, be with, progress before free standard also is compared two years somewhat. corresponding, defray also when the river rises the boat goes up too, “This also is to mix handle affairs the promotion of quality becomes inverse ratio. Our doing is after all with ‘ arrange, no longer answer chaos ‘ be guiding principle, also be to hope the client can pass investment, obtain abiding neat and orderly. ” as burgeoning industry, this small group is online on date of public of small letter of course of website of invite applications for a job of Nanjing evening show stop what had compared near Nanjing master shrine to wash bath conduct propaganda, next online mixing organization of unit of a few companies, society cooperates, offer a lecture. “Our atelier has held big large and small little lecture, share meet nearly 50, have a plenty of suffer orgnaization or platform invite, have a plenty of oneself to construct. Adjacency has what also have commonweal freely, first goal is to hope to pass this kind of form, let more person attend in a advanced studies comprehend arrange common sense, enjoy receive brought benefit. ” do arrange receiving is for better better Yu Ying says lazy Nanjing what hotel: “Arrange really receiving is for most onrush high mountain is lazy. Do not cost moment to search when you east search on the west, you can come down time province, accompany family. ” Yu Ying tells a reporter, doing before arranging division, she did HR of 10 years. An accidental good luck, yu Ying read the article of benefit of manage of hemp of a close cane. “As a result of oneself be fond of is received, have head take a refresher course. Think of to want a profession of household make it. ” in making the progress that arranges division, she more and more feeling, this is both the place that has reach the same goal by different routes. “HR is being done before is put right person to appropriate post, now is an article in the home, put in buy ‘s charge to reach proper place. ” the person that is willing to buy sheet for this is very much also. “Client with in of the youth in produce above family to be in the majority. They work mostly the life is busy, economically relatively ample, have particular demand to life quality and style, be willing to change time with money, and to novel thing take-over faster, be willing to give professional person to do professional job. ” citizen king is close this issued divergent concept, “The society is received it is very important to arrange, for the person with nicer than force condition of very busy to the job, economy, my feeling can try to search arrange division, but I can choose buy this book to come attend in a advanced studies. ” arrange division to groom, 3 days of course want manager of invite applications for a job of 189 Nanjing sauna 0 yuan of Cao Gongli are revealed to the reporter, deal with in Nanjing arrange division trade not apply 10 people. The reporter is in life information kind family of the search on the website is received, discover homemaking board piece pertinent information, but the job is planted is not hour labour, family protects clean to wait however. Hotel of Nanjing marriage banquet has controller of company of a homemaking of what Nanjing to tell a reporter, the hour worker of now Nanjing works to maintain freely in horary 30 yuan reach 40 yuan. relatively those who arrange division to get on 10 thousand yuan at every turn is free, different 10 clear show. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, arrange receive still have relevant groom course. A lot of groom the orgnaization parts curricular official rank in feudal times red 3 class, 2 class, 1 class. Reporter consult grooms among them the orgnaization is comprehended, the student of hydrotherapy of 10 thousand beautiful hotels can reach extreme of the capital austral now Nanjing district only Shanghai and Hefei two ground attend class, add up to 3 days of course, include theory and fact to hold. For instance the academic courses of midday of the first sky can be told receive genetic, principle, concept, distant view and deflection. The fact afternoon operates course, schoolteaching teacher can teach Great Master boot to arrange reach fold of of all kinds dress, dimension, speed, standard to wait. According to be being allowed first, at the beginning of August, should groom the orgnaization grooms in Shanghai inactive class, 3 days of course are as high as 1890 yuan freely, come down equably, one day should spend 630 yuan, still do not include bed and board. Groom the teacher reveals to the reporter: “Now, arrange receive the relevant qualifications and record of service that waits to had not obtained a country to approbate to confirm, arranging division for the most part is through grooming orgnaization attend in a advanced studies obtains the certificate of the orgnaization to come from course of study. “