14 ” community imagines division ” take-over Nanjing of net of masses of letter of appointment innovation of old old village introduced report to imagine division team technically on August 18, dated proper motion carport changes personally roof garden, of dirty random difference ” fastfood a street ” evolve ” net red night fair ” … Ye division is built in Nanjing city Mo Chou lake is street, one is comprised by scholar of the 30 youths in the name ” community imagines division ” group. They walk along a street to string together alley, with dweller have an informal discussion, old to the city old village is small newer, small innovation, fumble government, college, market propose new form in all with all possible means, make build in all treat the society that enjoys together to administer new form in all. Mo Chou lake is street it is Nanjing dentition density the biggest street one of, the old the city zone that is a model is street, old old village faker of much, activity is much, weak force group is much, be faced with area of grown-ups and children to give alley of new punish, old street to innovate processing of promotion, society and the people’s livelihood to handle affairs the mission is onerous wait for a title. Contrast high level of the area that build Ye props up quickly modern internationally urban center and Nanjing ” urban sitting room ” requirement, if why let old street enliven new youthful spirit makes a main task. This year year holds · built the river on the west 2019 job of Wu of water of pipe of city of Ye city building drives mass rally, the area that build Ye put forward ” beautiful native place ” plan, the school such as as will artistic as southeast university, Nanjing institute cooperates, introduce capital of division of excellent tentative idea, leave old old the city zone, community and street alley village of one’s own accord, after listening to dweller cry, do a few ” small update ” innovatory tentative idea. For example, wait to enclosure of action of inn of brand of corner park, store, village suspend a few artistic tentative plans, increase aesthetic element and can view and admire a gender, cooperate alley of red street of characteristic block, net make, promotion imagines feeling, artistic touch. The characteristic that regards the area that build Ye as old the city zone piece area, street rate go ahead of the rest uses Mo Chou lake, cooperate Nanjing hotel things through building secondhand the market creats affined, carry out community to plan division system, old market of focusing processing old city asks public of bottom village common people ” door mouth ” title, from horn of corner corner edge promotion starts work, wait for dish of vivid blind angle with landscape of label of green plant, culture, man-made, make net of night of fair Nanjing of recreational garden, culture wash bath to wash the lucky Mo Chou of Eden of bath center garden, vigor and elegant native place, let Kong Yixin of face of old old village, introduce Alibaba at the same time the organization makes clever community, farther promotion village changes a standard for intelligence of thing of run by the local people, implementation has the temperature, community planning form that can continue. Hold in the morning in 18 days ” Nbsp; of information of nightclub of field of meat or fish of Ktv of Nanjing of & of peaceful good Mo Chou cooperates to creat ” division of first tentative idea is entered community and prop up ” trigonometry 4 garden ” clever community starts ceremonially, division of 14 community tentative idea has received contract formal ” mount guard ” . The reporter is comprehended, “Tentative idea division takes community ” the plan division group that the project had made scholar of an about 30 youths in the name comprise. Have already in project group by the professor of university of industry of southeast university, Nanjing university, Nanjing forestry university, Nanjing, teacher; The Nanjing public place of entertainment that community plans and also buy of invite applications for a job of teacher of place Nanjing massage handles affairs 2019 societies are tectonic; The main force that still includes city of courtyard of delibrate of traffic of Nanjing city town, provincial capital to plan courtyard, long construction to think the tentative idea courtyard such as the office imagines division to wait; Still include a few new-style tentative ideas to handle affairs platform. Nanjing washs bath what can rank project of preserve one’s health of sauna of mouth of newest Nanjing riverside and tradition plan KTV of international of Nanjing Jiangning Ning Yuan delimits tentative idea, long construction considers a difference, “What preserve one’s health of sufficient bath of Nanjing ease enough a small room can imagine division to take community ” exaggerate doubly with pay this, it is a characteristic in order to live in the demand of the common people of street, community. The teacher takes pupil to take community survey, can wait for many sided to understand area resident requirement through discuss official business of informal discussion, round-table meeting, dweller, invite all effort gets involved urban tentative idea, take the public seriously to intervene, the community that join a department is resided appoint reseau of meeting, city member, combinative commonweal is tectonic. The public also can be based on his discovery and demand to put forward automatically to update a project. Every dweller has ” tentative idea ” oneself live dimensional right and way. Tentative idea division people develop professional expert, wait to go up at all in social observation, stop ” be born ” tentative idea. How does airport of Nanjing salary mouth go to urban celebrity hotel