Risk be checked by swimming-pool of Nanjing Fei Ermeng hotel with other driver’s license say to had made look picture unexpectedly not quite picture sauna of Spa of 5 Nanjing jewellery is nodded on August 18 afternoon much, 6 groups policeman receives Nanjing policeman high speed instruction, after driver’s license of driver of a gules SUV cancels, still be in drive travel, the policeman goes out instantly alarm, going up checkpoint of lane public security is held back successfully. When the policeman requirement driver gives wash one’s hair of invite applications for a job of nightclub of hotel of Nanjing city celebrity when sufficient technician shows driver’s license and travel evidence, nanjing hydrotherapy certificate was shown after the other side of a place where people gather for various purposes hesitated. But, discover after policeman procuratorial work, the photograph on the driver’s license is not a driver, ask he shows his id card instantly. Face this one demand, the driver replies instantly say to was not taken, say oneself had made an appearance, can with the photograph not quite resembled. For all that, policeman or alarm keep to the side of car of the guidance that realize the ground, check driver belt further into checkpoint the identity. Just started, the driver still is not approbated, say oneself had made an appearance only. Nothing more than, the driver’s license that the policeman discovers him very quickly is early was cancelled, those who show is the driver’s license of other really. Original, driver Bian Mou in September 2016 because of drunk drive by cancel driver’s license, and inside 5 years cannot again explain get a driver’s license. Sufficient technician of wash one’s hair of invite applications for a job of part-time job of Nanjing evening show has made appearance as a result of him in a way, bian Mou drives invite applications for a job of inn of Nanjing sufficient bath to illuminate with respect to what want to use another person continue to drive, try to be pass a barrier of the deceive that hold a term with this. Be hunted down that day, he drives go Suzhou is away on official business, did not think of to be returned in the morning will be hunted down by the policeman. Now, bian Mou drives in times of driver’s license cancel because of its agile car, decretal law exemple holds back agile car related policeman basis. It is reported, bian Mou will face fine 1000 yuan detain 15 days of the following penalty with administration. What Shang Jinhe hot spring can meet Nanjing bright and beautiful a Maobin of furniture Nanjing world Jiang Xier hotel