Hair small gain denies Nanjing massacre one ” day of essence of life ” trunk member by punishment arrest A3 edition: Announce marriage the Ge Ji that love glue sends massacre the Huaihe River to install a man to kill 6 people to injure 1 person on July 28, nanjing city public security bureau builds Ye substation to announce deliver say, early days, it is OK that Nanjing city public security bureau builds Ye substation to receive the masses to accuse Nanjing the sauna hair of pass the night, phone of hotel of business affairs of new city of sina netizen Nanjing wears some ala to be issued avowedly ” Nanjing massacre is false ” etc reactionary ” day of essence of life ” style of conversation, cause broad netizen intense rebuke. To this, height of the police that build Ye takes seriously, spread out observation adroitly, on May 15, 2019, dai Mou because of be suspected of provoking police of stir up trouble alar criminal is detained. Via checking, wear some ala, male, technician of hydrotherapy of invite applications for a job of massage of 2 Nanjing blind is 0 years old, jiangsu Changshu person, turn over outside the condition by China ” day of essence of life ” force is incited, since 2018, hotel of hotel of baleful filch close Nanjing transfers sign of Zhang of 100 sina small gain, abiding such as is announced on Internet ” the Japanese army is invaded China it is to stem from warlike end ” ” Nanjing general affairs is fictitious, massage of Nanjing of your memorial hall is massaged groom where good deserve closes instantly ” wait for crammer and harmful information, the adolescent of unidentified truth joins bewitch ” river of Nanjing of essence of life day of hotel of Xi Wuxing class ” reactionary construction, operate Japanese militarism thinks of alone, stop to churchyard adolescent ” brainwashing ” , already became now ” day of essence of life ” the main main force of force, at the same time Dai Mou ala returns copy to risk ” continous in relief net alarm stand sentry law ” wait for date of small gain Zhang to issue ” instead China ” ” disgrace China ” style of conversation, 1 social order stabilizes field of Long Yu of Xin of serious effect Nanjing, conduct character is very despicable. The behavior that wears some ala was disobeyed ” criminal law of China masses republic ” the 293rd regulation, because composition provokes stir up trouble,be built by Nanjing city public security bureau Ye substation criminal is detained. Now, the case is doing in farther detect in. Police reiterates, collect platform illegal outside space, collect all behavior that go up cannot the establishment of entertainment of outdoors children of bottom line Nanjing of affront state law, show disrespect or contempt law of home of corresponding the Warring States, gently the illegal criminality of ethical feelings, police will be decisive give severity is pounded lawfully.