Dispatch of dragon tiger net On August 28, the truck driver Xu Dong that comes from area of lake of booth of Jiangsu salt city logs onto full APP of carry of limited company of science and technology of software of Jiangsu full use ” revolutionary steering wheel ” , undertake the Party member reports for duty register. Will go up on May 30 from this year since the line, in ” revolutionary steering wheel ” the driver Party member that register already had 2546, come from countrywide each district. This is area of pluvial beautiful stage the Internet enterprise party that innovation makes this year builds a brand. Go up through the line ” revolutionary steering wheel ” the party builds module, line to fall ” driver dak ” domestic platform of the Party member, the enterprise is pulled cover the throughout the country the city of 334 ground level, organization network that leads try to be the first of light capacity of driver Party member to enter. The limited company of science and technology of software of Jiangsu full use that is located in rain to spend stage area is content of an Internet wisdom shed integrated platform, real name registers the driver that weigh card to exceed 5 million, consignor exceeds 1 million. Last year, company Nanjing headquarters established Party branch, 33 Party members had an organization formally ” ” . Area of pluvial beautiful stage appoint relevant controller introduces constituent ministry, “Revolutionary steering wheel ” implied meaning red leads, navigation, aim to go up through the line, the confluence below the line, play leading Party group knits the battle fort action in truckman, strengthen the educational management of pair of driver Party members, lead broad driver Party member figure of active bright status, tree, gene of aggrandizement industry red, with individual belt group, advance content to shed industry health to develop jointly. “In the area appoint below the elaborate guidance that organizes a ministry, branch started blame fair party formally to build a project — ‘ revolutionary steering wheel ‘ , through building the position on the Party member’s net, produce the battle fort effect that leading Party group knits, the model that produces driver Party member is the first action. ” Zhu Huaicheng of company branch secretary tells a reporter, driver Party member is joined ” revolutionary steering wheel ” pass the examine and verify that register, will hit on individual head portrait ” communist ” label, shine Party member identity. Branch installed elegant demeanour of mailbox of online party class, secretary, interactive communication, Party member to wait for functional module on the net, benefit builds cloud platform with party of people net whole nation ” cloud party class ” ” people admire class ” wait for resource, build a Party member online study credit is made, reach the Party member of primary period, will qualified attend platform the selection of outstanding communist. In the meantime, branch will be right join ” revolutionary steering wheel ” the Party member undertakes supervisory administrative. Trade to disobeying or sincere letter is regular, cause the Party member of bad influence, once check, will from severely treat again. Carry the Party member of examine and verify, constituent concern still executes apanage to turn management, continue to be in Party branch to deal with pay party membership dues, Party member to become a full member in oneself wait for the job. “90 hind ” Zhang Tongwang of driver Party member just was obtained recently judge the 2nd ” use is full 10 big drivers ” title, “Revolutionary steering wheel ” go up line, he reports for duty actively register light capacity. “Be in ‘ revolutionary steering wheel ‘ on after light capacity, the edge of driver head portrait on APP consignor edition can have badge of a party to indicate, party member of trust of a lot of consignor, accept the order rate is apparent rise. ” Zhang Tongwang says, besides continue to ask with Party member criterion outside oneself, still can attend online study actively. Besides the platform on the line, branch is beginning in the whole nation through traffic Department of Transportation ” the driver’s home ” construction is pilot, outspread organization antenna, framework ” company Party branch + piece area Party branch + Party branch of ground level city ” constituent system, make a line fall ” driver dak ” domestic platform of the Party member. In the meantime, use main thing to shed big data real time desensitization shares a dominant position, active exploration ” the party is built + the society is administered ” ” the party is built + sincere letter system ” ” the party is built + the army and the people is shirt-sleeve ” mechanism. Municipal Party committee organizes a relevant controller introduction, the whole nation this year organizes working meeting, xi Jinping’s secretary-general emphasizes ” exploration strengthens burgeoning industry condition and Internet party to build the job ” , “Revolutionary steering wheel ” through exploring party look forward to actively big couplet motive is made, let the roll booster that party building develops for the enterprise, be the beneficial exploration that new-style industry condition and Internet party build the job. (reporter Mao Qing Reporter Pluvial group)