Made money of a year, car be taken up for what? Parking space of village of Kang Hua native place is contemporary wall bulletin + / silver of Baixue of reporter of ZAKER Nanjing learn on job photographs   a month comes, nanjing citizen revive the division commander has bit of vexed: Every day knock off returns a village, there always is the car of other on his parking space. Because did not pay property fee, the car that property does not give him brand of the car on gush, causing somebody to think is a derelict car then. “I had made car of a year cost, property cost and car cost belongs to two different matters, property company cannot confuse sth with sth else. ” owner of good   of massage service of socks of Nanjing where silk: Paid fee of a year, parking space often is taken up     on July 1, live in native place of riverside mouth Ou Kanghua revive division commander discovery, foreign car parked on the parking space that he leases to property. From that henceforth, car be taken up again and again. “I had made car of a year cost, knock off comes home, often do not have a place to stop. ” revive the division commander says, oneself car be occupied center of the Guan Xiyu on Nanjing can pass the night with, because property was not in,be car brand of the car on gush. “The village wants one part car only now gush car brand, other much wants number only. Do not have a gush car brand, others can think this is a derelict car, OK and optional park. ”   revive the division commander negotiates to village property, but working employee tells him, if consider a car gush car brand, must hand in came on July 1, 2019 the property of day of strategy of a place where people gather for various purposes of 1 Nanjing nightclub meat or fish will be expended in July 2020. To this, revive the division commander is not agreed with. “Property cost and car cost belongs to two different matters, property company cannot confuse sth with sth else, and I do not default property cost. ”   is in revive the division commander looks, oneself were in property company to hand in property to expend at first in Feburary 2017, handed in two years, ought to expire in Feburary 2019 originally, but 1000 areas gave field of quality of KTV of Kang Hua small Nanjing on May 1, 2018 new, property expends postpone one year, feburary 2020 just is him when property cost expires. In Kang Hua native place, with revive the owner with division commander similar case still has a lot of, they did not reach big public house of other people of Shanghai of below one Nanjing year property cost, cause a car without gush car brand. Property: Did not hand in property to expend ability not to give parking space     on July 26 morning, the property Nanjing that reporter of contemporary wall bulletin will come to be located in Kang Huaxin village resembles the floor office of Singapore gold sanded hotel. Qiu division commander allows controller of Kang Hua property first, kang Hua property is stationed in Kang Hua native place at was being entered on May 1, 2016. In Feburary 2017, first time of Kang Hua property to owner people collection property cost, property cost was 2016 Nanjing bathhouse has been massaged came on May 1 this was awaited temporarily on May 1, 2017 paragraph. On May 1, 2018, the village stops to go out new. Piece new at the beginning of, construction square promise gives the owner of the village derate one year, expended to the property May 1, 2019 on May 1, 2018 namely. “A place where people gather for various purposes of meat or fish of sufficient bath of north of Nanjing big bridge has this what property to expend us to also be cut truly did not close. Now had been July, what we close is below one year namely information of invite applications for a job of Nanjing hotel foreman came on May 1, 2019 the property cost May 1, 2020. ” suggestion of Qiu division commander, “If owner does not pay property fee, then we also do not have what law supply answers to handle affairs. ”   is right this, revive the owner suggestion such as the division commander, on the title that Kang Hua property expends in collection property, mix from beginning to end controversy exists between owner. Owner people do not wish to pay property fee, did not say to the title is differred when be clear about a center as a result of property beforehand. Spot course is same, revive the owner such as the division commander fills paid partial property fee, property is held with revive division commander car brand of the car on gush. Concept: Car cost and property cost cannot   of of confuse sth with sth else revive the owner such as the division commander thinks from beginning to end, property cost and car cost is not coequal relation, should make a car only cost, property ought to guarantee the right that owner jockeys. To this, capital city administers Wang Xinghong of committee public committee member to allude south, car cost and property cost are from force, property company ought not to not hand in property cost to jockey with respect to nonperformance as a result of owner of the respect handle affairs. “Company of a few property is captured in property cost all sorts of difficulty are encountered in the process, division of massage of invite applications for a job of meeting Nanjing sufficient bath is used similar means of this kind of soft is urged hand in, but be being told from legal principle is difference compasses. ” Wang Xinghong is initiated, come up against arrowroot of this kind of glue, best means is bilateral and identical, negotiate processing, owner should pay property fee in real time, property also ought to urge owner to pay property fee with general pattern. Riverside of river of area of mouth of Nanjing city riverside is street employee of property division job is allowed first to the reporter, theoretic tell a car cost and property cost are space, cannot mix in all the way, car cost included two shares, it is a car hire, 2 it is property company protect those who stay number order to handle affairs cost, handle affairs spray car brand included in cost handle affairs. Property deserve ensures the fair rights and interests that owner jockeys.