Too danger! Headroom drops pier glass is drossy residue of the passerby that splash an injury is much at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning bell, jing Dongshan of Nanjing Changjiang Delta presses down the cabinet that take a month to meet luck of Nanjing of China government office thinks of a Lu Oujiang austral peaceful Ou Dongxin beautiful Nanjing washed village of bath strategy hotel 2018, happened again all the way headroom casts content general affairs. But one side is sufficient,this 9 pier glass of smooth rice were dropped from upstairs. Victim Chen Mi this say, how does she purchase night club of Nanjing gentleman Yue in those days dish comes home, a section of a highway of accident of by way of, ignore technician of sufficient bath of invite applications for a job of industry of Nanjing hotel oil hears blare like that, ten tall upstairs fall down mirror of a glass, although she runs away rapidly, but on the foot, the leg splashs the glass that remove to handle cut more after the specular disintegrate that go up or is dropped. Chen Mi this suggestion, fortunately she is a youth, should control  person leg and foot not agile, the result is imagined deeply. Turmoil spot, divide the hotel with first-class opening of Nanjing new market the cullet that one land sprayed after the mirror falls, motor-car of downstair a report also is broken, electric car backlash is gashed a Dakouzi. The citizen says this is one side pier glass, ought to somebody is abandoned intentionally. Near shrine of Beijing Nanjing master hotel periphery female Chen Mi this it is angry very, call the police rapidly. Policeman of Ou Dongshan police station drives Jiang Ning to the spot, go upstairs in turn floor procuratorial work, fail to find the person that throws a mirror temporarily. Policeman suggestion, some dwellers are not in the home by day, the morning will continue to observe, advisory party is automatic to police station Nanjing of how many money shows shallow deep sauna circumstance, in the meantime, the hope has the citizen that witness active supply clew. 12 golden hairpin of Nanjing meet east hill police station calls the police phone: 52165110.