Lair of defect of old person of 9 a period of ten days, the citizen is neat coadjutant old person is rescued the hotel police on the side of Nanjing marine world massages inn for graph Nanjing city most place is late on July 24, area of the Huaihe River of Nanjing city the Qin Dynasty was performed moving one act, an old person of 9 a period of ten days makes mistake indulge in lair, the pupil all around and dining room chef come hastily relieve, the Great Master comes up old person rescue together. On July 24 afternoon, police of the Huaihe River of Nanjing the Qin Dynasty receives beg to aid. Call the police citizen Xu division commander tells a people’s police fraughtly, him Nanjing massaged the father of company of products plan of old person of chair family expenses to disappear, the family member had sought several hours, did not find. Xu Shichang says, father this year already many years old 90. Ability to walk of a respectful form of address for an old person has been owed, the old person said to want to come in in the morning that day turn, one small my lean on a stick moved cane to give the door, also did not come home to afternoon all along. Nothing more than, they had received the beg of a phone that the old person hits to aid, say oneself fell into a ditch in, there still is meadow Nanjing cloud to abandon hot spring to meet a young lady on the side. Inquiry of Xu division commander provides tariff of complete set of posture Nanjing bathhouse buy, old person a copy kept as a record says to not be clear about. Family members can all alone according to faintly line only look for, but was not found in periphery, want to also do not contact an old person again went up, anxious family is gone to before this ability police station of senior colonel field calls the police beg is aided. The policeman takes the sign of old person of monitoring kinescope look for through tone, the ground Nanjing that before taking car of family member drive at the same time, can go toward the old person is proud a hotel just stop look for. The policeman is informed from inside the mouth of family, the deflection that a respectful form of address for an old person goes to center of a bath via regular meeting usually takes a walk, before resolution is taking a family member, the policeman goes to bath center Nanjing instantly massage group is bought all around stop look for. The policeman is taking the picture of a respectful form of address for an old person, along the road asks stranger, but the Great Master says,did not see hotel of business affairs of Nanjing gold key pass this old person. Till the morning 8:40, police station of senior colonel field received enthusiastic citizen call the police, inside the lair that says to an old person fell into wall edge, need the policeman’s help. According to call the police the circumstance of person depict, the policeman is preliminary decide the old person of lair of this indulge in, having very much can be the Great Master is in Mr. Xu of look for is long. See when the policeman reachs the spot, the enthusiastic citizen all around has relieved an old person in consciousness. The pupil all around and dining room chef, take bedplate shop to be on lair, give general manager of nightclub of invite applications for a job of Ktv of evening show of Nanjing high end to the old person again later root rope, try to help the old person. But because the old person is deep-set lair, everybody endeavored a long time, did not succeed. The policeman sees before going up rapidly, shape helps strength, of Great Master partner cooperate to endeavor under, helped a respectful form of address for an old person lair after all. The understanding of the old person is fortunately clear, everybody took mineral water to let an old person see hot weather rapidly. After old person escape from a danger, the policeman affirms he is Xu old division commander. The policeman moves flashlight microscope old person whether get hurt, understand a situation patiently to a respectful form of address for an old person later. Subsequently, policeman assist a ruler in governing a country employee of 120 emergency treatment carries the old person on ambulance, send toward the hospital to make meet into Nanjing fitness man an one pace examination. Zhuang Ying of reporter Qin Gongxuan is contemporary wall bulletin + / Ji Yu of ZAKER Nanjing reporter