Dispatch of dragon tiger net (flying Ma Yichao of Xue of photography of dragon of house of room of reporter Daimei plum) a few days ago, spend stage area by rain appoint the media of 2018 whole nations that net of tiger of dragon of group of medium of industry of cable of propagandist department, Nanjing sponsors jointly ” digital rain beautiful science and technology goes ” ring down the curtain satisfactorily. China of this focusing of second media travel (Nanjing) peak of development of innovation of technology of core of software cereal, China is met and peak of technology of 2018N+ AI/AR/VR international is met, all-around in time of 2 days, mutiple level the actual strength that area of experience rain beautiful stage regards Nanjing software company as to collect the ground, industry to develop an upland and the new glamour that rain spends digital science and technology. (media represents group photo) 100 million fine mix ” special type arms ” : Use intelligent science and technology, improve the mankind to live (” lightning a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” robot of check of make one’s rounds of the intelligence outdoor) be called ” the robot of check of make one’s rounds of the intelligence outdoor of ‘ of lightning a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, agile and cabinet, can move independently. It can get used to the complex environment outdoor, and still have tall defend grade, strong electromagnetism is compatible ability. Transformer substation, change the check of make one’s rounds that sheds these places such as station, step up station it can be competent. Equipment switch condition identifies automatically, appearance identifying, electric power is electrified detect, the environment outdoor is monitored… the business that the member that these put in check of make one’s rounds ‘s charge originally runs, its robot can be done entirely calm, comprehensive implementation nobody change a value to defend. (” big demon ” robot of check of indoor intelligence make one’s rounds) be called ” big demon ” , it is robot of check of indoor intelligence make one’s rounds, this year the behead on world robot congress is obtained ” congress of 2018 worlds robot provides innovation product award most ” . Be used to be in the place such as room of room of room of electric power distribution, switch, power plant distribution normally, its function is powerful, pattern recognition, bureau is put detect, infra-red measure linkage of lukewarm, equipment, environment to detect, how to prevent call the police etc be nothing difficult, can replace artificial implementation in the round check of indoor make one’s rounds, promote carry the efficiency of dimension and frequency greatly, change carry dimension way. These two magical ” special type arms ” namely 100 million fine can go up in the weak gain this year with Inc. of science and technology product of brought new science and technology. 100 million fine and be located at China (Nanjing) software cereal, it is the company of new and high technology of robot domain, the company devotes oneself to electric power, petrifaction, municipal, the sources of energy, medical treatment, community, make the research and development that waits for robot of industry special type, make and popularize application, have a series of intelligent robot technologies and product, can offer the Wu of intelligent artifacts kimono of diversification for each industry. Be in this second in media travel, media representing can go up in weak gain not only appreciate two ” special type arms ” magical, still look around on the spot 100 million fine with the enterprise, with contact of robot close quarters, understand their use function further. In the meantime, still will to Nanjing software industry read extensively cloud of bee of limited company of science and technology of Zhi Xin of number of day of house, Nanjing, Jiangsu supplies limited company of science and technology of fine annulus of chain management limited company and Nanjing, experience China together (Nanjing) the distinctive glamour of culture of software grain science and technology. Academy of Nanjing own operating system: Capture course to make new trend, make new student appearance (the peak is met the spot) (ceremony of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony of the operation of academy of Nanjing own operating system that start) ” a piece of calling card that Gao Tie is China, represented the advanced level that national technology develops. The most crucial part in tall iron is train control system and signal control system. ” the innovation of Chinese core technology that on August 31 media delegate attends afternoon develops a peak to be able to go up, academy of Nanjing own operating system hangs out his shingle formally operation. The person that development of industry of soft hardware of expert of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous computer, homebred foundation is driven Ni Guangna academician is met in the peak on express, of this academy be in into conception capture innovation of science and technology of domain of traffic of our country orbit to develop new trend, make course make appearance of domain new student. As we have learned, establish beginning oneself, academy with respect to assemble the high-end technology that comes from course to make a field, market and talent resource. Change the means such as contract of strategic collaboration, transverse scientific research to provide technology and talent resource through the technology, exert oneself makes orgnaization of new-style research and development, the key is outstanding industrialization, commercialize oriented, orgnaization major servicing with the operating system is alar brightness fundamental software platform, the whole nation of system of control of traffic of orbit of research and development and equipment is produced change platform. In the meantime, introduce, firm of design of soft hardware of hatch orbit traffic makes technology of traffic of our country orbit group of whole modes of life and relation to their environment, drive downstream industry catenary finally, form industrial alliance. AI/AR/VR applies setting: See future, overturn science and technology uses AI/AR/VR technology to wage man-machine go big battle, setting of work of life of immerge of the glasses that use AR. The whole start show that the peak of technology of 2018N+ AI/AR/VR international on September 1 afternoon meets broke through media travel delegate and the ginseng that be present the imagination that meeting personnel uses setting to AR/VR. (the peak is met the spot) this second height forum invited the industry leader such as parts of an apparatus of chip of catenary of global AI/AR/VR industry, core and artificial intelligence international ginseng of top-ranking expert scholar is met, discuss prospective AI/AR/VR to develop a tendency jointly. (the product is revealed) have more clear knowledge to whole setting to let global AI/AR/VR practitioner, the IOT that the peak introduced 5G environment to fall on the meeting (content couplet net) the newest science and technology of domain of indication chip of technology, AR/VR, company of algorithm of the AI technology in even still future drives automatically, artificial intelligence is added to the setting of AR/VR industry hold etc, reveal centrally product and begin thematic speech, . Be in those who ensure industry of top class ODM, chip participates in the whole world outside, current mass rally returns those who increased setting company to participate in strength and deepness, enclothe drive electric power, medical treatment, education, automatically wait for many popular industries. Future, countrywide AI/AR/VR practitioner will look into next generation intelligence science and technology to live to grow trend and performance mediumly in the mankind jointly. As we have learned, accelerate development to drive what rain spends software and information service industry further, rain spends stage area to hold travel of media of countrywide science and technology first. Prospective rain spends stage area will accelerate demonstrative area of Chinese software famous city to build, exert oneself optimizes position of software grain industry, promote boreal garden industry administrative levels continuously, accelerate south construction of garden foundation form a complete set, promote archives is carried to upgrade field on the west, make service of Nanjing software brand, form a batch of assemble to spend force of tall, innovation the strong, industry group that affects muscularity, save try to be the first to precede completely in the whole nation for Nanjing software industry offer continuously motivation.