Registration of Spa of big public house of landscape of Nanjing of die of another Nanjing massacre survival is in book person only information of invite applications for a job of 1500 nightclubs of remnant Nanjing antecedents of picture of 82 people   : Massacre of Nanjing of Japanese Invading Army dies Nanjing of small letter public washs brethren memorial hall recreational center washs bath reporter of   of bath center date dies 26 days from massacre of Nanjing of Japanese Invading Army hear of of brethren memorial hall, nanjing massacre survival 10 thousand show flower the old person passes away at 25 days of evening. According to statistic, already 9 survival pass away continuously this year, registration is in book survival puts 82 people only. 10 thousand show flower, unripe on March 18, 1928, live in 2 board bridges of Nanjing, rely on depend on does small business, a lot of man SPA of Nanjing closed to go up have brother elder sister, play younger sister of younger brother and sister having younger brother, her seniority is old 3. Its before one’s death attestation shows: In December 1937, when Nanjing of day bandit embezzlement, more or less does fee of big Nanjing evening show lie fallow commonly recreational cafes desk and chair chooses meeting place raid China arms and man of black prime of life, they from ” and mark foreign firm ” the common people that area of refugee of invite applications for a job of Ktv of Nanjing first-class hotel catchs larger goodness, them the platoon becomes 9 cue, wear a strafe next, without one survival, blood stream bleachs beetle in those days, skeletal be like,accumulate hill. Elder brother of 19 years old the lookout post of Japanese army of a day of by way of, to Japanese army Nanjing at once preserve one’s health of big public house of bright hair international is met salute of take off one’s hat, who knows the Japanese army to pull out suddenly sabre, threw the elder brother’s head come down. In the elder brother by Japanese army kill hind, 10 thousand show of 9 years old flower witnessed a mother to be met by Nanjing sauna again blast of invite applications for a job of technician of place invite applications for a job is dead. Thereafter, she and elder sister hide into a hole in the ground, the elder sister grows high to dare not come out, the 10 thousand show of thin and small flower cut light hair, wipe on the face on dirty ash, come out every day beggar eat, sister two be able to flee for his life by good luck. On July 25 22 when 15 minutes, 10 thousand show flower die, die at the age of is 91 years old. Massacre of Nanjing of Japanese Invading Army dies employee of job of brethren memorial hall is allowed first, former 82 years former times, houses of 3 hydrotherapy of pailou regimen preserve one’s health the old people with respect to wood with each passing day incomplete falls, now Nanjing invades Nanjing high end to wash bath invite applications for a job victim of information China Japanese army assists the survival with association alive registration remnant 82.