The Jing in home of nearly 100 owner shows paper-cover village book cootie   is entered small insect did not appear in the home of a few, removing a head to think is 9, did not think of to have nearly 100. Gram day, have netizen reaction, its are in Nanjing the small insect that a kind of cootie making a book appeared in the home of east of golden riverside violet drive, look at very disgusting, wait to do not have a law to liquidate cleanness with insecticide, cleaner. This theme is commonner than force in the village, owner appeals to all open up business and property, but ten days former former times, processing still did not start. Head of course of study asks open up business and property assure solid year appear no longer book cootie, unmanned however be willing promise. Book cootie   grows 1 millimeter left and right sides, figure half brightly lit, always save in very Yin Hui, wet place multiply, feed book, clothings, furniture in order to gnaw to wait give priority to. Do not have indirect menace to human body, but its are fecal can meet make a person allergic. Owner: The cheeper in the home is allergic, can concern Cong Jinpu of reporter of   contemporary wall bulletin with book cootie part of owner of village of violet drive east is comprehended, before paragraph moment, somebody discovered book cootie in the home this kind of small bug, grow 1 millimeter left and right sides, figure half brightly lit, climb from stash, liquidate hard. This matter of chief commander of course of study sends owner group, discover a lot of people encountered this kind of situation however. Owner is in group in say: “Enter two months left and right sides, the cheeper of 21 months coughs in irritability of fish of Nanjing children hospital, cause bronchitic, do not examine allergic reason up to now, and the risk with the biggest cootie of meeting place book causes sauna of Nanjing sufficient bath namely allergic. ”   occupies owner people say, east of golden riverside violet drive is paper-cover repair entrust, made a room at first 2018, meet the time of the room, the door, floor, wall paper has been held. Owner discovered small bug in the back after the wall paper of avulsion, look for professional corporation consult, decide antecedents can be to decorate building materials to take care of, because woodiness plank and wall paper are this bug,feed one of causes. Owner people still comprehend, book cootie does not bite a person, but can damage the home is resided, bite bad clothings, book to wait. And book cootie causes rate very fast, because bodily form is dinky, common means is liquidated completely hard. Look for a company to detect, considering suspect is to decorate building materials to take care of   according to comprehending, on July 4, owner asks Nanjing side to accuse bug to handle affairs ministry of limited company technology detects to the spot, discovery is indoor and exact appear a large number of small-sized insects, with be in the majority on wall paper, it is book cootie via deciding. 24 days afternoon, the reporter calls Nanjing side to accuse bug to handle affairs limited company, be in charge of Guo Cheng to be allowed first according to company technology ministry, observation that day, he and another colleague are in of two owner lead to fall, stopped random visit to watch coverall of evening show of evening show of Nanjing marine world to the Heng Yu inside the village examine, “The pretty in some owner homes is much, gist has a few, libili of some owner home is little, appearance of branch of every circumstance confused. ” he says, this just is in owner home the book cootie that sees on bright face, do not be fond of plus book cootie by day activity, a few had calculated very much, inside wall paper, wait below the floor place still can have more. Guo Cheng is alluded, in visitting a process, also discovered other have the capacity that can bring book cootie, the building materials of purchase of proper motion of the flowers that for instance owner home puts, owner, and periphery condition impact. But after passing anatomize, these identity because of can the gender is too small and be removed. So culminating the building materials that antecedents of cootie of the book that consider suspect uses when early days is decorated at open up business is taken care of. “Book cootie takes care of in flowers can the gender is small, and the owner that there is painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style in the home is less than force; If say,the building materials that him owner buys is caused, but each won’t do again,can be in same address purchase, and some Heng Yu still does not have a person, did not purchase the goods with assorted new one; As to periphery condition impact, book cootie territory is small, in invading home of first floor resident at most, won’t do can climb ten. Of these identity can the gender is too small. ”   Guo Cheng still put forward a few processing to initiate: “There is resistance to the action of a drug on basis of this kind of insect, drug can eliminate them. ” but be concealed in break, the book cootie below the floor, if disappear is killed, do not liquidate completely easily, need liquid medicine stops spray, dimensional aerosol is fumed kill wait for a variety of means to connect. Property: Also looked for   of domestic company perambulate to report owner does not approbate   2019 Nanjing sauna is met 24 days morning, the golden riverside violet drive that reporter of contemporary wall bulletin will come to be located in too new way to go up is Oriental village. It is at the door the village, paste is worn alliance of Nanjing brilliance of the rising sun is harmful the perambulate report of biological control company. React book cootie appears in the home to village owner, a director says property, have this matter truly, now has been in dealt with. He returns a suggestion, the insect pest that dweller nonreliance property looks for governs a company, later search odd through community, the job ought to be met obtain processing. The reporter is comprehended, on July 10, the sea heart property that responsible village administers looked for Xu Meng company of harmful biological control stops spot perambulate. In the perambulate report of this company, analysing the reason that discovers book cootie is: Having can be circumstance humidity, temperature arrives at grow to lay a condition, or have the notes smuggled into an examination hall in can decorating outer packing of material, furniture to carry a process. Can be the report to this company, owner people not show respect for. Owner alludes hotel of Nanjing marriage banquet to recommend, if be circumstance identity,cause, that one all around have several new villages, didn’t the one that be assorted hear of similar case? The furniture tape that buys oneself as to owner comes in, that ought to be an exemple, it is to do not have a law to explain what why book cootie appears in home of this one much owner. Community: Reconcile in tone all along   of buy this matter subsequently, the reporter comes to Ji of swallow of dwell glow area community of street swallow Ji, according to comprehending, since July 16, community received the response of owner, intervene tone reconciles actively this matter of buy of banquet of marriage of Nanjing intercontinental big public house, today owner turns over Nanjing blind to massage a company to rank what should discover book cootie to have nearly 100, of property statistic is many 50. Wang Ke is vice director of swallow Ji community, he is alluded, owner hopes my night life Txt mixes street Nanjing community can furnish of mana detect channel, but he discovers this,be not easy thing. He first price of house of Nanjing hotel type was to contact dwell glow Ou Aiwei to do, proviso cootie is not being affected communal healthful ” the four pests ” inside limits. He contacted Nanjing city disease to control a center later, the prevention and cure of proviso cootie also does not accuse working limits of the center in disease, and not clear also put in which ministry be assigned personal responsibility for ‘s charge. Wang Ke says, while head of course of study asks open up business and property company are being administered even promise won’t appear the 2nd year, face does not have a person to dare issue this promise now. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin also contacted open up dealer, on July 25, open up business had established a disappear to kill working party, deal with technically book cootie be related and as harmonic as the dweller incident. But person is in charge of related open up business: “We still are done not have with owner definite opinion now same, after head of course of study asks to affirm cause, stop to liquidate again partly. ” this chief suggestion, they are mediating actively more the orgnaization of mana issue perambulate to report. Expert: Be sure useful disappear reduces springhead ability first is   book cootie denied to person physical ability harmful? Book cootie appears in the home, should be like again why to prevent and cure? Department of insect of institute of shelter of animal of Nanjing agriculture college teachs Chen Fajun to be allowed first, book cootie and body louse are belonged to same kinds big, can understand simply the insect of house borrows in the book for a kind, feed book, clothings, furniture in order to gnaw to wait give priority to. How does sauna of the Nanjing austral every of this kind of insect play Jing Shanglian hot spring meeting place is in very Yin Hui, wet place multiply is saved, common at old old village, new village is general scarcer. The circumstance that in the light of Jin Pu gather of cootie of the book inside village of violet drive east erupts, professor Chen proposal wants to affirm book cootie above all ” foothold ” , the timber after be being machined in bridal chamber should be the first address that book cootie multiplies, can request professional orgnaization accusing bug to stop sampling to detect to doubtful building materials, affirm to gather sex stops to note medical disappear to kill again after springhead, “Unsure springhead, stopping disappear to kill is otiose. ”   in addition, chen Jiao gives a suggestion, book him cootie does not have indirect menace to human body, but its are fecal can meet make a person allergic, nothing more than also because of small my constitution and different. Often leak and concatenate and indoor as dry as a chip, can cut down book cootie etc harmful insect multiplies. To this matter, wall bulletin also will continue to pay close attention to.