Build Nanjing group to buy GDP of area of Ye of hotel nightclub invite applications for a job first half of the year amplitude advocate the area building Ye that   of   of city to lead holds 26 days appoint plenary meeting uploads a message, this year first half of the year, movement of this region economy is steady in carry qualitative, amplitude of district total output value is amounted to 8.8% , row Nanjing advocate city first place. Nanjing massage hotel goes to room Beijing south information of 1500 nightclubs invite applications for a job this year first half of the year, multinomial growing target occupies the area that build Ye Nanjing advocate city front. Achieve district total output value first half of the year 40.5 billion yuan, increase 8.8% , do a miracle to raise big public house of palace of dragon of value Nanjing Hangzhou 25.02 billion yuan, increase 11.7% , two amplitude all row Nanjing advocate first place of the city zone. This year is Nanjing ” action Nanjing business of galactic big public house breaks through Suofeite year ” , the area that build Ye bay of perfume of Nanjing of project of business of 46 serious court washs be born first half of the year bath center washs bath tariff, business is enrolled in whole town ” arena is surpassed ” in, obtain serious project to drive prize advocate group of the city zone the first. 13 6 second plenary meeting put forward provincial Party committee to grow energetically headquarters economy, crucial economy. The area that build Ye regards Nanjing as modernization internationally urban center, in fulfilling house of preserve one’s health of easy Spa of water of Nanjing of an organic whole of long triangle area to change growing country scheme, making strong banking industry, focusing headquarters economy especially hypostatic inn of digital total Nanjing buys those who wash economy of ministry of bath cask price to grow. This year first half of the year, block of first fund of Nanjing city — block of goldfish mouth fund uncovers a shop sign formally in the area that build Ye, will hit form make one’s home the long triangle of extensive of Nanjing, radiate, area fund processing in completely state-owned consequence is center, new the Nanjing in financial industry assemble is full automatic heart of massage chair whole body and innovation do poineering work price of the sex that wash bath compares a Nanjing to run a center high. Countrywide Internet already had 8 settle to build Ye in 10 strong companies, growing upland of economy of long triangle number is in build Ye preliminary form.