Pluck to Li water! 4 travel circuitry announces fruit of   Xi Mei, honey peach, firedrake, emerald green Guan Li… the healthy Li water that held on July 26 the 16th fruit is picked announce meeting Nanjing big plant high end is met on place, li water appears when a variety of 20 fruit gather of season, at the same time Nanjing periphery female small letter group encyclopedia, li water announces 4 2019 summer to travel picked circuitry, the citizen can be driven oneself or head for by public traffic picked.   Li water is massaged near Nanjing rain beautiful area sth used to one’s own advantage of area farming product is substantial, now already was formed ” 5 berry — La Mei, blackberry, strawberry, Yang Mei, green plum ” characteristic agriculture calling card, in addition booth alley massages Nanjing tablet to still have the special local product such as fruit of grape, crystal pear, firedrake, yangtao, Xi Mei. Stop now, lin Guo of this area characteristic cultivates an area to amount to more than mus 20, 1/3 what be equivalent to whole area farmland. Chief is allowed first related bureau of brigade of article of Li water district, this area already was formed ” spring will admire the beauty of flowers, the Summer Solstice is collected if really, autumn greet a bumper harvest, the winter savors year of taste ” brand of travel of the four seasons, spring ” admire Mei Cai berry ” period it is good that Nanjing big plant washs bath to massage, odd-numbered days passenger is highest amount to 100 thousand person-time. The hotel near temple of hotel of intercontinental of greenbelt of edifice of violet peak of Nanjing of master of Nanjing of severe winter season, the fruit waves sweet, healthy Li water the 16th fruit is picked open of Ji Zheng type. That day, the relevant controller that fruit of many 100 characteristic grows area of base, scene and sightseeing company assembles in Li Shui Shijiao Li Zaifeng abandons a hotel, cooperate to be this summer Nanjing rich dot of sufficient tub maintenance is picked swim to seek make suggestions. The spot, li water announces 4 summer to pluck one day swim circuit, include blue berry of stone stockaded village to pluck — red plum alley, do not have park of forest missing mountain — fruit of the firedrake side Fu Jia area of picked, natural bridge scene — Gao Tang fig collects outpatient department of Nanjing blind massage to pick, area of natural bridge scene — pond of 9 carry on one’s shoulder admires carry on one’s shoulder — 100 orchards. Pluck for convenient passenger, li lunt station still opens big public house of center of Nanjing of travel special railway line to lose, have a line every day optional, can be in to the passenger of Li water by public traffic purchase of Li lunt station swims one day the ticket heads for visiting experience namely. In addition, the citizen still can note Li through closing card of general articles for use of water farming product ” without miss hometown ” public date, fruit of purchase Li water, will collect straight hair now by base. It is reported, li water still will be held ” beautiful garden, without miss evening ” the characteristic is noctivagant wait for an activity, rich summer travels.