Nearly 5000 enjoy a car to wander together Nanjing, how one provides new market opening all around one enjoys a car to put this bit of state on Ji together piece Niu Huaxin is photographed continue even recently Nanjing high temperature, a lot of citizens choose take a taxi go out, enjoy a car to because take a car,also go to the lavatory to rise all right in young philtrum wind together. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, this 3 years two, around has more than 10 to enjoy car company to come to Nanjing together, but now still is in of operation remain 45 only, gross is about 5000. Does Nanjing need this one to enjoy a car together more? Relevant industry expert is initiated, be the superintendency that time enhances to enjoy a car to be the same as, an extremely urgency is gross approve and clique department assessment. To this, nanjing the Ministry of Communication divides a suggestion, now Nanjing provision publishs a car to rent processing method, tighten up the processing to enjoying a car together, car quality wants registration to be battalion carry. Enjoy car company to fill car of all over the world of net, EVCARD easily to enjoy together, Gofun gives travel, China to hire car, Xiaoming to go out travel, rub model go out travel, long to amount to will give cloud of travel, linkage with car, car, give travel, Chang’an to give travel, Car2go instantly, than coming 3 years two inside, around has 10 many enjoy car brand to had come to Nanjing together, but mostly silent withdrew. Now Nanjing remains car of EVCARD all over the world to enjoy only, rub model give cloud of travel, linkage, car to go out to wait for 45 to still be in all right general operation. Car of EVCARD all over the world enjoys Nanjing company to always manage manage swallow sword tells contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, now they already cast many 4200 to enjoy a car together in Nanjing, among them 3000 or so use at time-sharing to rent, 1200 or so use at growing to hire, advocate if car of new energy resources, cloth dot crosses graceful hotel of Nanjing platinic Er to massage jump over 1000, wait to have in area of each traffic keys, garden cast bathhouse of palace of Nanjing ooze water to open the door? Put. Among them, salary mouth the International Airport is home enjoys a car to borrow together still measure the biggest nod. The near future, river of their Nanjing headquarters settle is peaceful garden of originality of accept family car, learn to grind with a system of fixed quotas for grain production of an university autograph agreement, technology of net of couplet of content of hope have the aid of, in optimize cloth delibrate stops on the dot, allow an user more borrow conveniently return a vehicle. Linkage cloud rents a car relevant and responsible person, now what they use in Nanjing is fuel car, gross has 1200, every point structure has 5-8 car, came true advocate the city is enclothed completely, also have in area of and other places of mouth of water of river north, Li, salary put in. Rub model give suggestion of travel Nanjing relevant chief, they were 2018 the head enters Nanjing, there are 205 sites now, the car of intervening operation is controlled 16600 times in Nanjing hydrotherapy. Car is principal and dispersed in town of riverside mouth college, Jiang Ning region of forest land of college town, celestial being, rain spends stage area. Calculate come down, nanjing is pure use 5000 at what time-sharing rents to enjoy car gross to already was about together. Near shrine of master of partial station Nanjing hotel which good place uses frequency second low, does wholesome poor Nanjing need this one to enjoy a car together more inside the car? Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin observes discovery, difference brand, difference puts in a dot enjoy a car to use frequency together second differ bigger. In rain beautiful stage area is small public transportation key stands inside the courtyard, park is worn 4 EVCARD enjoy a car together. Courtyard entrance guard tells contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, these enjoy a car to be here together cloth dot has a year many, go up usually car of knock off moment is begged too for. On nearby fierce peaceful road, still stopping other of two kinds of brands enjoy a car together, the reporter expected half hours in the spot, without processing the employee appears, also do not have an user to use. Brighting division commander lives in new market opening, working address is in 9 dragon lake all around, go to work usually by subway a line turns 3 lines, cost 1 hour or so. Be disinclined to fall down accidentally iron, open to enjoy a car together from door mouth, do not block a car up half hour can arrive unit. He tells a reporter, although look to come out,enterprise classics often washs a car, but the part is not cherished with car person, not only the knock against that there is a lot of on automobile body, bag of the toilet paper that keeps with car person, snacks, polybag often also can see inside the car. The bell division commander that uses a car accidentally puts forward, enjoying a car together still is not quite convenient. When be away on official business for instance, not only should pull big boot to run to the parking lot from the airport, after opening baggage of put away coming home, return so that find the site place all around. It is structure of car look forward to more, miss profit not easily reporter discovery, have the car look forward to that enjoys car company to have capital weakness together ” back up ” . The steam on EVCARD back, rub model going out is boreal steam new energy resources all right. And of a few already apart Nanjing enjoying car company together also is such, car2go backside is German car tycoon wears Mu to strap, chang’an goes out is Chang’an car is subordinate all right. Use the car that enjoys together, be oneself production. Nanjing market is entered first, a few enterprises are relied on even ” red bag big fight ” will suck aid user. In seek by inquiry, a lot of enjoy a car to go up to be being stuck together ” new user registers 1 yuan to leave 3 hours ” ” certificate of 150 yuan of experiences ” etc considerably method of favourable sales promotion. Rise one wool money a minute, one yuan 1000 meters, new market of Ma Qun of Nanjing of time of distance washs bath to come down, 1/3 what new energy resources is fuel car oil to expend capital only with the expenditure that enjoys a car, plus ” bright red bag ” , such ” yield benefit ” , enjoyed car company to realize gain together? “Enjoy a car to today to still be in labor pains period together. ” Yan Jian thinks, enjoy car early days to cast a car to need a large number of capital together, the car look forward to that wants capital weakness only just has this kind of effort. And after capital is approbated, still need those who have the market to approbate. After big range is thrown, than what go all out it is operation is mixed handle affairs, the tall, enterprise that handles affairs to just can be differred returns capital of a few operation is the destiny that escapes hard to be washed out. He is allowed first, EVCARD has 450 thousand user in Nanjing, day vivid volume is controlled in 40 thousand person, even every car can be used one day 3 times two, second order for goods is in sheet 40 yuan or so. “But now EVCARD still does not have gain, reckon ability of head of next year end, the year after next realizes gain. ” chief is alluded related linkage cloud, they are in in quantity of order for goods of Nanjing even day 1 odd above, according to calculate, all quantity of sheet of day of divide evenly of massage of the hospital in Nanjing province should be in gain of 1.5-1.8 single gift. They put in 100 many cities in the whole nation, a lot of ground city also have Jiangsu, whether can gain is calculated even according to the traffic limits with specific each district. The company will go comfortable, nanjing market is superintended still is vacant in March 2017, gofun goes out to enter Nanjing all right, 2018 evacuate of the middle ten days of a month. 2018 end, car2go enters Nanjing, the portion withdrew in March 2019, evacuate China helps somebody attain his aim by June… this 3 years two, many 10 enjoyed car company to go again in Nanjing together. Enjoy a car after all to by who ought to be superintended together? According to be being allowed first, now can the standard enjoys a car to administer together, as long as the Ministry of Communication, stay in those who build a ministry to make ” the directive definite opinion that grows about promoting small mini bus to rent industry health ” guiding file. In Jiangsu, according to what rose to be carried out formally on April 1, 2013 ” Jiangsu province knack carries byelaw ” , deserve of the enterprise that rent applies for to obtain manage agree, car should obtain knack to carry certificate. Enjoy car company to be in together namely before entering a town, should apply for to manage in traffic part agree, in hotel of intercontinental of public security Nanjing the which room best part that make a valve is car registration battalion carry property. But now, jiangsu wants a few city such as Zhenjiang to be rented for the car only established promise a system. Nanjing was not carried out as a result of all sorts of identity. Relevant course of study wifes person suggestion, now is in Nanjing, no matter be traditional car,be called to be the same as the time-sharing that enjoys a car to rent by common, the enterprise is registered in industrial and commercial part hind, need pair of space only amount of limits, car signs up for equipment can, deal with rent those who do business not to need an industry to be in charge of a part to agree, car quality also does not need to register property of the carry that it is battalion. The Nanjing of company income and expenses, limitation that puts in limits not to suffer an industry to administer a section. Plan to publish method, tighten up the processing to enjoying a car together to relevant course of study wifes person reveal, enjoying a car together is the car from the tradition is rented part company those who come out, belong to new economy. The concept that the country enjoys economy to be the same as is to include careful, “Let it fly a little while ” . Be also adopted this kind of attitude with Nanjing. Such grow is in that what the enterprise went to the lavatory on certain level, but put in a few titles on restful, processing. Before this, contemporary wall bulletin reports excessive enjoy car place to be on roadside parking space together, abiding and unmanned use, but all around the dweller of old old village comes home not to have a car however usable, common capital is wasted. In addition, because enjoy car company together,frequent in Nanjing income and expenses, owe the member that send to be versed in factitious phenomenon happens from time to tome, relevant processing also has been received partly enjoy car cash pledge to return slow praise together. Princess of invite applications for a job of Nanjing evening show ” Nanjing provision tightens up the processing to enjoying a car together. ” chief tells contemporary wall bulletin the reporter related part of Nanjing city traffic, now, nanjing delibrate publishs processing method, of the standard car company that rent grow, of standard operation car use property, stimulative car rents industry health to grow. Should Nanjing of proposal of meeting Spa meeting place build Nanjing water as soon as possible does clique department examine and approve a mechanism to enjoy a car to want together ” fly ” to when? Southeast university economy administers Pu Zhengning of academic associate professor to allude, have a driver’s license namely with what enjoy a car to be faced with originally but low frequency of the demand that use a car second crowd, market range is narrow. Nanjing had arrived with the number that enjoys a car now certain exemple model, the government needs in season ground to do clique department to examined and approve those who reach a city to enjoy automobile size together to superintend. Law of southeast university traffic and growing delibrate center fulfill night life of Nanjing of director Gu Dasong in where nightclub how many money thinks, the growing existence that enjoys a car together is very much title. Enjoy a car to need to take up together a large number of parking space, this makes its carry dimension capital very tall, the industry survives not easy. Plus car unmanned value is defended, become a lot of novices to use the tool of experienced car, once damage, although have deposit, claim for compensation rises also is troublesome very. In addition, in enjoying a car to be used in reality together, whether person, card is accorded with, also be the restful examination questions with serious concern, these publish superintendency plan as soon as possible partly related need government.