Humble of all alone of Nanjing of 1319 countries danger is especially galactic preserve one’s health of big public house will be old room innovation is finished check and accept ” can live on the house with this good one, I am too glad really! ” much at 11 o’clock on July 18 morning, the Xia Youhu that eating lunch sees examination employee call at sb’s house, carrying rice bowl to be greeted rapidly. Since July 12, city is built appoint Bureau of Finance of city of bourg place union, city helps deficient up to do, the part such as city incomplete couplet, dangerous house of poverty-stricken to the country family innovates a project to stop the spot to check and accept. 5 climate are awaited, in each area 100% after checking and accept, according to saves the 10% scale of li of requirement, city inspection team selectives examination from inside 1319 innovations family 132. On July 18, the reporter follows to come to Gao Chun from examination employee home of friendly tiger of summer of happy village of Ou Chunxi’s alcalde, had not entered a gate, by pink outside the wall is attracted. “Although his home is maintenance, it is the most beautiful in 26 innovatory door in the village however. ” village appoint commissarial Xia Wei says. Xia Youhu this year 75 years old, without without female, reside alone in 80 square metre old curtilage in. Two years ago, fracture of a heavy snow Fang Liang, old house became a dangerous house. Before the innovation, fang Liang, lie between a wallboard to have craze, vintage wood door, window is misshapen already also. After cease is being maintained by April, people inviting neighbour shines at the moment. Walk into his home, it is blue spends case to spell the floor tile that stick in sitting room sky, placed table and chair only, match on a few green plant. Housetop beam total number changes, made gules condole top, add outfit absorb dome light. Although,place in a certain position simple, very neat however pure and fresh. Before there is closet in the home, the old person needs to go out closestool, after the innovation, the equipment in the dormitory closet, exceed what is proper of toilet, bath goes to the lavatory on. “Spent in all be less than 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan besides governmental allowance, oneself drew out thousands of yuan only. Without the care of party and government, I won’t do can live on the house with this easy one! ” what hotel of summerly friendly Nanjing has massage service to wash bath center tiger is contented very. Examination employee outside and in looked, take below many pieces of picture. There is in their hand ” a first gear ” book, every landlord and house were covered inside of all kinds information, include to examine and approve, the job stands sentry, area class is checked and accept and detailed list of capital appropriate, cost. “Blame talking is to break up to build or be maintained, the examination is mainly in sky, metope and housetop layer of such Heng Yu structure, want to ensure Heng Yuping brings firm. As to decorate content, by householder self-selection. ” city is built appoint prop up Zhu Xuemin alludes 3 department deputy director general. The reporter saw many 10 someone one morning as inspection team, discover these dangerous houses are innovated door although the area is general not big, function is all ready very however. Area of Home Xia Qingmao wants 30 much square metre only, this the innovation still is him to give a small space to do closet in dormitory monarch. Preserve one’s health of inn of red wine of similar Nanjing net can use dimensional monarch give the family of a place where people gather for various purposes of meat or fish of kitchen Nanjing Ktv or closet opportunely so, took close in part. “We not only should let a dweller live so that set one’s mind at, should let them live more Shu Xin, use the toilet convenient, bathe convenient, cook convenient. ” working employee Sun Zhaohui allows bureaus of 5 city building of astral class hotel first, to make the villager contented, they imagined 4 kinds of plans to choose for the Great Master, return print and distribute restful technology guideline, to lower level working employee stops to groom. Retain inspect manage unit at the same time, whole process coachs quality of construction, assessment guards a pass. Cao of inspect manage Wu Er chases day and worker to be versed in all the way, whole area 333 families do not fall, till finishing and check and accept. 17 days, the reporter still follows to Li water district from inspection team many 20 family stopped visit. Brilliant bridge is pressed down maple Rui Biman of sweet mountain village in a tile-roofed house that lives 4 times in 70 much square metre. Ability of labor of loss of amputation of perch of leg of old Rui You, daughter spirit physical disabilities, the son is attending a college, the wife makes short-term work, life pressure is very great. Before the innovation, had lived if 30 old brick tile-roofed house use him, the description is ” tumbledown ” , outside the wall is rain of leakage of footy, roof, empty in wet. Soon the son wants complete a course, the broken house in the home makes him fraught. “Met good time, turn over allowance of the government that build a house 50 thousand multivariate. ” the lifetime important matter for the son, old Rui You borrowed tens of thousands of yuan to kin friend, pull down Laofang rebuild, did paper-cover to repair. “House put through such, my true heart is contented sufficient! ” the time of expression of old a surname is laughing all along, right the whole journey of governmental share is close-fitting handle affairs sufficient bath of Nanjing grand charm sets upright thumb repeatedly. The villager nods the backside of assist, it is labour Nanjing hydrotherapy the painstaking pay that information of meeting place invite applications for a job makes a staff member. Big public house of lira of Nanjing sweet case has Spa Li water district was made ” law of job of a gleam of ” , tectonic and relevant section enters a spot office into the village, leave out farmer is of all kinds and troublesome, also progressed to play effectiveness. 18 days of dewfall, seek by inquiry is over tall honest area is first, check and accept formal complete thing. Next, every archives builds total number archives, data uploads to build a ministry to put on record. And original fund of one part allowance, will infiltrate continuously at the end of this month farmer account, indicating the innovation of dangerous house of rural poverty-stricken family of the our city is comprehensive finish. This compares Lao Kuang appoint put forward ” basis processing is poor 2020 door housing refuses to obey bring a subject ” in advance a year. Zhu Xuemin says, the innovation this year, each other of departmental split phase cooperates, appeared a lot of good ways and experience. Pass through except whole town ” let a farmer run only leg ” system of do what is sb else’s job, each area also has good way. Like drive of river peaceful area farmer uses farmer room atlas of tentative idea, carry out ” the tentative idea comes ” ; Riverside mouth area imagined a variety of plans to choose for farmer; 6 add up to an area to hold the spot to adjust regularly meeting, butt joint of construction politics look forward to, incentive area under administration is built always contract dangerous house of intervening country of contributive belt makings innovates the enterprise. These practices, drive rural dangerous house to innovate the job to pile collect for after this our city experience. According to be being allowed first, 2015 country 5 protect door, low protect door, low protect the country such as edge door to strand group dangerous house to innovate the job to be turned over by part of city civil administration especially prop up since the part, city is built appoint according to center puts forward ” neither anxious 3 safeguard ” requirement of work of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient, promote innovation of dangerous house of country of hotel of Vienna of Nanjing master shrine quickly. A number of the innovation is increasing, accessorial standard also progresses considerably. Center, province, city is built break up establish allowance from every 16 thousand yuan increase 36 thousand yuan, maintenance is accessorial from every ten thousand five hundred yuan increase 10 thousand yuan to 2 Nanjing to massage the center that wash bath well. Come 5 years, nanjing accumulative total makes 4155 countries special stranded a family to realize bridal chamber dream, only fund of city class allowance arrived at thirty-one million and fifty-seven thousand yuan. Dangerous house innovation is finished, condition of housing of rural poor people obtains whole to reform, does plan of such benefit civil administration still have after this? City is built appoint Wang Fei of bourg department section chief says surely, the static state that the our city can continue to pay close attention to rural danger old house changes, aim policy the those groups that need a help most, dangerous house that needs to reform most from beginning to end, let them do not have trouble back at home.