The job that pistil of gold of female passenger of periphery of hotel of free heart of Nanjing of female force of Japan of emergency treatment of ground of the genuflect on city of development of Nanjing female doctor is endeavoring to save person gold pistil offers a plan according to the hospital ” fast bearer helper ah! ” controlled at 14 o’clock on July 27, on the 8 Great Walls of Beijing that amount to mountain, tourist assembles suddenly all the way. The hospital of Jiangsu province masses that taking the child and domestic person to play in Great Wall upper reaches is paediatrics pistil of gold of vice director doctor, discover somebody falls on the ground, the procuratorial work before going up rapidly. Jin Rui arrives alertly, a female passenger of many years old 50 falls on the ground, had done not have understanding via the examination, palace of water of ooze of Nanjing of carotid beating disappear washs bath head card to break, hotel guest is his near the elementary school of Qingdao Nanjing grade that one professes is a nurse do feral breath. “Moment is life, I go up rapidly fore part patient makes heart lungs come round. ” such, rotate wore Jin Rui and that nurse to do 30 ~ for female passenger meeting place massage makes male model of 40 Nanjing evening show plane minute periphery of Nanjing of heart lungs come to pushs oil, come to employee of 120 relieve a sick or injured person all along. “Female patient is Japanese, what her fellow says is Japanese, exclaiming aside female patient awakes quickly, he won’t say English, there is enthusiastic passenger to help our interpreter with transducer on the side. Comprehend roughly later, this female passenger does not have essential disease, the both hands when falling down is convulsive, estimating is the heart is broken out to stop suddenly when amuse oneself. Nanjing happy China hotel boss 120 arrive after about 30 minutes, I contained the patient’s condition simply first to them, and side patient built vein infusion gateway, use emergency treatment remedy, subsequently the patient is sent toward by the ambulance all around the hospital continues emergency treatment. ” Jin Rui is recollected. “Weather was extremely hot very that day, 35 ℃ are controlled, I in those days already all over the body is drenched, but should have a gleam of hope only we are met certainly bend all endeavors. The person on the side is very enthusiastic also, helper maintains an umbrella, have dozen of 120, still the side falls down the fan of female patient fan, Nanjing orange hotel that drops in temperature with wet towel inn of An De door. ” Jin Rui tells contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, ever also spent a patient of high fever convulsions in roadside cure before, this is she helps a person the 2nd times in place of blame medical treatment, “As the doctor, helping a person is our professional instinct. ” Jin Rui’s husband tells a reporter, the wife accuses the behavior of emergency treatment person to let him is to touch very, “Life is hydrotherapy of the most precious hotel of intercontinental of Nanjing violet peak meeting place, this female patient can Nanjing evening show should handle two card it is a mother also be a daughter, saving her also is the family that around shrine of Fuzhou Nanjing master hotel type apartment saves her. Jin Rui’s knee is worn-out in those days, but she confronts each other genuflect is in all along on the ground emergency treatment. Of golden pistil good appearance! ” the weather that overcome day is torrid, swim to going out the crowd that play, jiangsu saves Sun Kai of vice director of center of masses hospital emergency call to initiate, avoid to be in simply day of high temperature of 35 ℃ above, long time basks in next outdoors activities continuously in the sun, avoid the time outdoors activity with highest afternoon air temperature simply especially, the proposal when amuse oneself wears sunshade hat or maintain an umbrella to avoid the sun to be basked in continuously. Other, must drink water to complement in real time more water portion. The friend of medical history of intended head blood-vessel, when go on a journey plays outside, must have medicine of good urgent need, contract simply outdoors activity moment.