Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of reporter Xie Jiangping’s reporter) to add the festive atmosphere of New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar, promote Chinese traditional culture, reveal glamour of art of calligraphic of the Chinese nation, promotional masses happiness feels, stimulative society harmony spends development. This afternoon, party committee of CBD of new market opening is in new organizations of 23 Lou Dangqun service center developed 100 Nanjing center ” greet the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day to send spring festival scrolls ” activity. The spot writes the artists of courtyard of painting and calligraphy of Nanjing of mobile specially invite spring festival scrolls, free and given the dweller masses that participates in an activity and staff of two new companies. Mobile spot, poll assemble is moved, words floats sweet, be full of festival and auspicious atmosphere. Activity by 5 old villages street labour appoint the vice secretary holds Xie Jiangping of secretary of Party committee of CBD of new market opening concurrently to chair, street and relevant leader waits for dean of inscription of Can of Liu of courtyard of Nanjing painting and calligraphy, 5 old villages to make a speech for this second activity. After brief opening speech, the activity begins formally. Write case forefathers bearer to go to, ground of too impatient to wait tells everybody calligrapher people the spring festival scrolls that oneself want, calligrapher people upsurge enthusiasticly also, wield his writing brush in succession splash-ink, pen walks along dragon snake, a pair finish a piece of writing or painting in a while of pair of spring festival scrolls that is fully loaded with lucky word. Taking the couplet that writes full blessing, everybody is permeated with happy smile on the face, state in former years is to buy in succession presswork edition couplet spends the New Year, calligraphy artists are our spot to write this year, these couplet of full of Mo Xiang let us feel year of flavour is thicker! In the activity, artists of courtyard of Nanjing painting and calligraphy returned collective to create traditional Chinese painting. Book painters are full dipping in affection, contain affection at the picture, natural and smooth writing, if fly,the pen goes. A little while kongfu, one charm of move unripe take offense mixes a circumfuse abstruse the work of traditional Chinese painting of artistic conception is shown before everybody, our edge comprehends the profound implied meaning of work by the side of appreciation, it is calligrapher in succession people craft of masterly painting and calligraphy nods assist. The lover of painting and calligraphy of the spot people also mix calligrapher people spread out communication, discuss the culture with calligraphy, broad and profound brushwork to inside information together. Party committee of CBD of new market opening insists to build the party place in the first place, fall in basic level, through conducting this activity, send the couplet that is fully loaded with the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day to bless in masses hand. On one hand, promoted China energetically outstanding and traditional culture, bred carry out to go socialistic core viewpoint of value, shortened party group distance; On the other hand, the festal culture that abounded masses lives, added a red-letter day festive atmosphere.