Drive Nanjing north station to prop up, build provision of second half of the year of Nanjing of 16 nursery school this one does A3 edition: Heavy pound A4 edition: The spot passed 2019 half, sheet of what kind of achievement did Nanjing hand over? What big move can second half of the year still have? On July 25, the 8th full meeting of the 14th council of city of Nanjing of the Communist Party of China is held, zhang Jinghua of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, Nanjing makes working report, la Shaomin of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor allowed project of whole town serious industry to promote a condition first. Data is shown, first half of the year Nanjing district total output value six hundred and seventy-four billion two hundred and fifty-nine million yuan, increase 8.1% . Second half of the year, drive Nanjing sauna station of north of Nanjing of invite applications for a job of which meeting place props up, build 16 nursery school… Nanjing has paid the focal point ” 3 important matters ” , deepen extend ” 6 missions ” . Do the work of good second half of the year, the key is to endeavor to had caught ” 3 important matters ” : It is tectonic new China builds careful 70 years to congratulate an activity; 2 it is sureness spreads out ” do not forget first heart, mission bearing in mind ” thematic education; 3 it is to carry out fulfil scheme of growing country of unifinication of long triangle area. In carry out fulfil aspect of scheme of growing country of unifinication of long triangle area, zhang Jinghua is alluded, want according to state ” plan program ” with the province ” executive plan ” , buckle closely ” unifinication ” and ” high quality ” two keys, understand the particular approach of Nanjing and mission detailed list further. Total is to want to be driven in Shanghai bibcock, make in order to intervene ” long triangle division starts a group ” and take the lead prop up ” Nanjing metropolis circle ” give priority to grasper, give attention to two or morethings is driven ” 6 unifinication ” prop up, quicken new developed area of north of belt of innovation of Shanghai peaceful industry, river to grow, take the lead in fumbling build what can accuse independently is all-around open market, nulibana Beijing props up become ” the scheme fulcrum that unifinication of drive long triangle grows, lash the portal that internationalization of long triangle of the innovation engine that long triangle high quality grows, support grows is crucial ” , nicer stimulative area grows, handle affairs national overall situation. Drive master shrine shopping mall to innovate promotion quickly pilot this year second half of the year, nanjing Yue soup collects massage Nanjing to want to endeavor to connect economy grows firm in have the crackajack state that enter. Zhang Jinghua says, want the dominant industry such as powerful ancestors manufacturing industry. Live firmly industrial economy adds momentum, ensure industry of 100 million yuan of above invests annual attract investment of 800 above, estate adds the item business expenses of battalion of production owner of 10% above, 4 large elder generation increases 12% above, industry to increase a value to increase 8% above. In the meantime, nanjing should be bred powerful inside need the market. Objective is used up should carry archives to upgrade, drive master shrine shopping mall to innovate promotion quickly pilot, center of opening of ascensive new market piece the character and morals of trade group case such as the area and clever change a standard, become the economy between long night energetically. In addition, nanjing will catch good project attract to prop up, deepen ” action business is broken through year ” sauna of night life of each labour Nanjing is made, ensure amount of mouth of income and expenses of annual foreign trade increases 5% above. Build 600 thousand square metre ” silicon alley ” if why does cinch innovation famous city prop up? Zhang Jinghua is exaggerated, want Nanjing drive still key of Spa meeting place has stressed 6 issues, make good innovation week namely ” second half piece ” article; Promote orgnaization of new-style research and development quality; Breed division achieve model enterprise; Lash serious science and technology is basic equipment props up; Do solid become carrier of innovation of powerful science and technology, optimize innovation ecosystem further. Be worth what carry is, doing solid make field of carrier of innovation of powerful science and technology, wait for the sea before ZhongGuanCun of Beijing of warning of attend in a advanced studies, Shenzhen ancestors experience, deepen brilliant of Nanjing of mechanism of system of region of new and high garden beautiful hotel washs bath center innovation, more application commercializes method to arouse garden area vitality, better play innovates advocate position is penitentiary. Quicken city of kylin science and technology to prop up, fumble the useful system mechanism that cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. High quality finishs 600 thousand square metre ” silicon alley ” prop up mission, around dominant industry erroneous tendency, just bring through capital attraction, action wisdom, attract assemble element of capital of of all kinds high end, useful activation old city eventually the innovation motivation between. Ensure the country is small defray dentition invite applications for a job of model of business affairs of net of 100 Nanjing evening show % take off deficient this year second half of the year, nanjing has made continuance fight of 3 large assault fortified positions: Beware of changes the curfew to weigh battle of risk assault fortified positions, essence battle of the accurate assault fortified positions that take off deficient, purify battle of assault fortified positions of prevention and cure. Hitting good essence of life to take off side of war of deficient assault fortified positions definitely, zhang Jinghua is alluded, essential stare at the little minority that has not take off deficient to pick a cap, increase strength of assault fortified positions, ensure yellow Bu of low Nanjing of country of year end whole town is big hotel expenses dentition 100% take off deficient, economy deficient weak village 100% pick a cap. Having hittinging purify side of war of assault fortified positions of prevention and cure, nanjing should confront each other ” the Yangtse River shelters greatly ” place in position of sex of force sb to submit, astringent fulfill negative detailed list to administer a system, deepen Jin Chuan river, outside the key such as Qin Huai river enters river river and associated affluent to be administered integratedly, solid edge river is illegal project punish effect. Fulfil dozen win blue sky to guard battle to implement a plan, drive in order decrease coal and iron and steel to wait superfluous produce can dissolve. Optimize Nanjing north station to plan early start to be able to go up, zhang Jinghua suggestion should lash board piece grow in coordination. Optimize Changjiang Delta further advocate city function, lash key piece the area carries archives to upgrade, orderly function of scanty solution old city. River north new developed area wants according to new advocate city standard, focusing ” two cities one center ” fixed position, prop up quickly area of central business affairs, grind achieve the central point such as garden piece area, build the priority discipline such as center of citizen of total courtyard of courtyard of delibrate of province industry technology, new developed area, when arms of growing the person at the head of a procession of high quality of very whole town. Gao Shuiping is driven violet east district props up, spread out focal area to plan to imagine international invite public bidding, catch the bibcock project such as garden of good garden rich to prop up, do system of promotion of good afforest circumstance, traffic to perfect wait for the job. Continuance drives 12 board piece do appropriate an important matter, fulfil good support 6 close, plan of growing action of Gao Chun high quality, exert oneself breed grow newly windward. In addition, drive Nanjing quickly sauna will shut 2018 Nanjing to metropolis circle props up and press down raise to be changed with the city rather in December, spread out to be able to encircle growing plan repair make up, enlarge of in season delibrate allows feasibility, with Jiang Beixin the area fumbles for main body make division of collaboration of exceed what is proper of peaceful the Huaihe River. Build economy of peace Hangzhou zoology to take in all, deal with concrete matters relating to work promotes project of a batch of collaboration. Each other of primary facility interconnection connects focusing, optimize Nanjing north to the station plans a plan and use up early start, had quickened river passageway and highway road network to prop up. Delibrate makes policy of battalion trade situation 2 edition second half of the year, nanjing will optimize battalion trade situation further. Zhang Jinghua is alluded, want 30 to implement civilian battalion economy, battalion trade situation 100, delibrate makes policy of battalion trade situation 2 edition, perfect social credit system. In addition, should delay a hotel to arrange the bed Nanjing head health quite の good add lashs open to the outside world. Fulfil detailed list of national market admittance, attract foreign capital of more foreign trader to invest rather start line of business. Duplicate further carry out experience from trade division, delibrate lashs key category policy innovates, fumble the characteristic becomes long mechanism. Deepen a country to handle affairs commerce innovation grows pilot, cross condition cable business quickly comprehensive test division props up. Build nursery school of the level that save actor 16 second half of the year, nanjing continues to do real thing of appropriate the people’s livelihood, let the masses more is obtained feeling. Zhang Jinghua is alluded, want much arrange to develop simultaneously firm unemployment. Increase to the static state is monitored and be analysed grind sentence, comprehensive fulfil action of firm hillock of each aid look forward to. Extend unemployed channel energetically, more new post is bred in condition of new industry, new job, new category. Outstanding catch very big pupil, retire the key crowd such as worker worker of armour person, peasant is unemployed, ensure town observes unemployment rate control is saving calm standard in. To comply with popular wishes actor handles affairs, second half of the year will hold whole town to teach congress, come on stage deepen the executive set view with new vessel of educational system mechanism, drive good sth used to one’s own advantage to balance setting and education to fill short board, build 16 nursery school of the level that save actor, new open obligation teachs level school to abandon campus of 15 place, high school 5, continue to enlarge capital of average high school useful supply. Make ” healthy China acts ” carry out definite opinion, promote thing of run by the local people of benefit of clever medical treatment the standard, prop up quickly the hydrotherapy with amused urban district of be good at Nanjing can be lain fallow Beijing of Kang Na of cafes desk and chair. Implementation advocate provide for the aged of the city zone aids meat place to be enclothed completely, much channel increases supply of bed of provide for the aged, nurse among them model bed is occupied than amounting to 80% above.