Lead innovate in coordination, ning Huai establishs   of   of area of collaboration of exceed what is proper on July 27, zhang Jinghua of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, Nanjing and the Huaihe River install secretary of municipal Party committee Yao Xiaodong installs Xu Yi to cooperate to be in the Huaihe River ” area of collaboration of Ning Huai exceed what is proper ” uncover a shop sign, after area of collaboration of exceed what is proper of afterwards Guangdong deep Shan, my province fumbles with exceed what is proper the form of cooperative area lashs at first the area is harmonic grow, this also is my province with initiating lift break through ” canton economy ” , comprehensive blend in scheme of growing country of unifinication of long triangle area. Cooperative area should have ” 4 big exceed what is proper ” area of collaboration of exceed what is proper of   Ning Huai is located in ministry of southeast of Xu Yi county, be apart from 85 kilometre of Nanjing suburb, area of area of cooperative area focus 8.21 square kilometre, start among them the area makes an appointment with 2 square kilometre. Zhang Jinghua is allowed first, what two ground negotiate in early days delibrate is essential go up, the Xu Yi county that area of collaboration of exceed what is proper of affirmative Ning Huai installs by the river north new developed area of Nanjing and the Huaihe River regards collaboration as main body, cooperative area props up is the important matter of municipal government of Nanjing municipal Party committee. He puts forward, area of collaboration of exceed what is proper, the key is in ” exceed what is proper ” , should form one a complete set of namely hereby outside the system is placed. It is special above all in addition run a mechanism, want to enrich the resolution sex appeal that develops the market to change. For instance, river north new developed area and Xu Yi are OK consider adopts share-holding system means cooperate to create industrial growing fund, fumble the profit that builds justice shares a mechanism, substantial change bright red old of square automaticity and each Nanjing is quick hotel enthusiasm. Have even hereby outside processing form, should enrich new developed area of play river north and Xu Yi county respective windward. By Jiang Beixin area dominant economy is administered and prop up general affairs, xu Yi county is in charge of asking for the ground to tear open change and social general affairs, two municipal government want to support actively about the part each. Through scientific and useful collaboration, fumble form efficient, double win, can continue ” land of one province or county enlosed by that of another ” grow new form. Cooperative area should have hereby outside growing way, must carry out travel is new growing concept, confront each other the new way that innovation drive high quality grows. Accomplish truly around catenary of innovation of industrial catenary structure, aggrandizement element catenary. Cooperate to strove for Nanjing public place of entertainment to involve policy of exceed what is proper even, if prop up,place with the ground, primary facility props up allowance and vessel are new the special policy of the respect such as pilot tree model, cooperate to strive for gift economy of class of cooperative area city administers attributive, implementation ” get ready inside area of the work inside the area ” . Ning Huai two cropland advocate politics person suggestion, cooperative area should score a success, cannot leave the support in the province. With ” company ” the framework makes an industry predecessor of area of collaboration of exceed what is proper of the small Ning Huai that press down   is Ning Huai garden of burgeoning industry science and technology. After making cooperative division, its grow appearance is industrial small town, the kind that produces according to city confluence lashs prop up; Industrial erroneous tendency is sex of ancestors manufacturing industry, scheme burgeoning industry, will introduce hypostatic item, in order to produce hurried city, promote with the city produce. In new developed area of north of river of Nanjing state level and Xu Yi county two operate tangible level, will build cooperative division ” canal appoint meeting + company of platform open up ” processing framework. Canal appoint the administration that can be cooperative area administers an orgnaization, build technical tape to lead team, by Jiang Beixin the area is guided hold the position of a director, use resolution power. Platform attends a meeting the meat or fish austral Nanjing to wash bath monarch company by the canal appoint be in charge of establishing, use share-holding system form, capital gold holds big by river north new developed area, area of specific bear collaboration is integrated open up and processing handle affairs, primary facility props up, burgeoning estate investment and relevant commerce open up cast financing to do business. Company fact is commercialized all right run processing, implement system of person of professional department manage slowly, do not hold the position of controller of open up company by party card cadre. Cooperative area takes the route that assemble grows, strive comes true ” had hit essential, 3 year one year to see the effect ” . Two ground take Ning Huai seriously cooperative district plan, will carry out much regulation to add up to Nanjing female to massage SPA one, plan of whole of area of collaboration of work out of give attention to two or morethings and industry, wait for special plan with the ground, zoology, realize a piece of blue print, an organic whole to prop up truly, mix in the plan prop up place on, enhance cooperative area to maintain bit of throughout the country with Nanjing sufficient tub its are circumjacent of the area with end and coordinate. The Huaihe River installs Yao Xiaodong of secretary of municipal Party committee to cooperate to lashing the area props up collaboration of the Huaihe River that reach peace offers entertainment of Nanjing single person a few tentative idea: Build negotiation of layer of resolution of collaboration of link up with of perfect Ning Huai, give attention to two or morethings harmonic layer butt joint, fulfill a part to fulfil three-layer job to drive a mechanism; Build Ning Huai to build garden area to urge group of working ahead written instructions in all; Cooperate to be made up to provincial Party committee by two city do application processing to build garden area to be in charge of in all appoint exercise problems of meeting orgnaization equipment; Combinative industry plans to join staff group, make two city difference change growing industry list and relevant policy; Lash Nanjing company is first Xiang Huaian changes a structure; Deepen collaboration of category of the people’s livelihood. Build Nanjing of break out of an encirclement of garden area seek to have public house of water bed theme in all area of collaboration of exceed what is proper of   Ning Huai uncovers a card to build right now, have move spy in addition meaning. Two ground build Ning Huai in all only then at going up century 90 days. 1995, my province is rolled out ” 5 link up with ” resolution decoration, nanjing has 6 areas to intervene the Huaihe River installs side of link up with of recreational of movie and TV of peace of 4 counties Nanjing to help the work; 2001, to fulfil my province to revive the decoration of North Jiangsu asks, restful face spreads out Nanjing and the Huaihe River link up with of north and south cooperates; 2005, how does the Huaihe River join Nanjing to be able to be encircled; 2006, be open to traffic of Ning Huai highway, two ground start north and south to build garden area to prop up in all. After, carry out as what economy of the Yangtse River carried growing scheme 2014, 2017 ” collaboration of deepness of Ning Huai link up with plans ” obtain batch carry out, both sides cooperates to exhaust is deepened and do not grow. Come 19 years, nanjing assists the Huaihe River to bring capital in all 366 million yuan, two ground collaboration builds provincial north and south to build garden division in all 5, the autograph makes an appointment with industry of collaboration of link up with to transfer a project 1600 many. Of countrywide each district build garden division in all, some existence effect not apparent, halt is far fail to amount to distinctness title, investigate the tie that its cause still depends on building garden area to fail to handle administrative division into districts completely in all, the mechanism such as good punish clique cannot useful arouse build bilateral and inherent power in all. Unifinication of area of current long triangle grows to be driven quickly, railroad of border of city of faint, peaceful the Huaihe River opens growing impetus of river north new developed area soon build, below overlay of a lot of and beneficial condition, of area of collaboration of exceed what is proper of peaceful the Huaihe River establish having interest of break out of an encirclement, two ground locate his to grow trigonometry area unifinication grows area of go ahead of the rest, Nanjing can encircle high quality to grow the area that establish a standard, Ning Huai two city innovate in coordination grow lead an area. Still have a capacity that does not become neglect, the division of collaboration of exceed what is proper that the Shenzhen that is south and Shan end create furnished a lot of warning. New step of vessel of area of collaboration of deep Shan exceed what is proper is stridden more greatly. The predecessor of this collaboration area also is area of industrial move garden, obtain one class of ground level city to administer attributive thereafter. Yuan Dinghong of delibrate of courtyard of the division that save a company is earlier form of collaboration of delibrate deep Shan, he thinks, area of collaboration of deep Shan exceed what is proper is not changing apanage of administration of deep Shan domain of all authority go up at all, shan end demise harnesses power, hand in administer by full-fledged member of Shenzhen one party, handled cooperative area to grow from a copy kept as a record sufficient bath of Nanjing of the legal system that be faced with, system joins in the obstacle such as house of preserve one’s health, straightened the Shenzhen supportive investment to cooperative area and industry to promote a mechanism, for the area harmonic collaboration grows furnished new approach. Chief is alluded related river north new developed area, although river north new developed area is new developed area, but usable space has Nanjing very invite applications for a job of first-rate evening show of hotel of 5 stars class is restricted, prop up hopeful of area of collaboration of Ning Huai exceed what is proper lashs delibrate center + manufacturing base, headquarters + made cooperate withing grows form. The capital attraction inside cooperative area, action just is brought wisdom project, will fumble execute river north new developed area to concern special policy. Two cropland advocate politics person allude, instantly should strive for the support in the province, fumble build the advantage such as assessment of share out bonus of target of economic processing, wealth tax processing, principal economy, target to enjoy a mechanism together, substantial change proposes bilateral collaboration initiative in all.