Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of popular reporter of precious of Nie of reporter Sun Le) today (on December 22) in the morning, jiangsu saves memorial hall of the first patriotic and wholesome motion — ” 5 old villages are patriotic and wholesome memorial hall ” ceremony opening a shop is held in Qin Huai area. Annual of patriotic and wholesome memorial hall is opposite 5 old villages freely the citizen opens it is reported, 5 old villages are patriotic and wholesome memorial hall is located at area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty 3 alley 25, you Qinhuai area appoint area of the Huaihe River of propagandist department, the Qin Dynasty defends plan bureau to always take the lead harmonious, much department efforts, last a period of time builds smoothly 2 years. The reporter sees in the spot, this house sets souvenir to exhibit Chen Hewen to change communication two functions area, annual is opened freely to all citizens. ” recreational tea ” charm of book sweet tea blends; 2 souvenir exhibits display to have ” division of memory of preface, difficult course, past, advance triumphantly, look into future ” 5 exhibit an area, reveal respectively recall see now, history answer past of eye hardship years, a bit to pick up memory again erstwhile, do not forget first photograph of heart firewood fire bear, advance triumphantly in all music is new piece, in order to abound the historical picture article of full and accurate and article, telling about vivid love to defend an old practice. Area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty 5 old villages are street the birthplace that is patriotic and wholesome motion. Found a state earlier, 5 old villages ever were called by citizens for a time ” pained village ” , nanjing is here advocate the shanty town of the city, infrastructure stale, environmental sanitation is very poor, midge fly is caused, disease popularity. Face this kind of situation, person of glorious 5 old villages is initiative the organization rises, turn here into countrywide environment sanitation with real operation the model is street, be judged to be the paradigmatic unit such as countrywide wholesome armour, have the honor to win silk banner of model of epigraph of holograph of Chairman Mao Zedong. On December 22, 1960, zhou En comes the premier is visited street inspect, right ” person ginseng and, everybody starts work, environment of exquisite sanitation, beautification ” ” 5 old spirit ” gave speak very highly of. World Health Organization awarded government of People’s Republic of China medal 2017, commend China begins to carry out countrywide patriotic sanitation to move before 65 years, the outstanding contribution that for world sanitation healthy job makes. Current, the honorary medal collect carefully of this heavy at ” 5 old villages are patriotic and wholesome athletic memorial hall ” . Inheritance ” 5 often spirit ” , qin Huai is made ” the cleanest the city zone ” ” 5 old spirit ” inheritance 60 Yu Zai, experience is long cover is new, become carry of try to be the first of person of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, initiate people to live ” good new era ” mental coordinate. In 5 old villages street, all Ganqun inheritance ” 5 old spirit ” , start broad dweller masses in the round, according to mensal concentration big punish, once a week mode of clean everybody garden, differ not to lean, make from me, with his both hands creation belongs to his life. Area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty in order to make ” the cleanest the city zone ” , found the task such as city of provincial and excellent management to be a center, deepen region market two class reseau changes make one’s rounds to prevent administrative mechanism, adopt ” calm person decides hillock ” and ” regular bus go on a tour of inspection ” wait for measure, carry out 24 hours to execute the law safeguard, realized full period of time, round-the-clock go on a tour of inspection effectively to manage. Tear open in all since this year violate 2200 more than part nearly 560 thousand smooth rice, influence village gives new, rain corrupt the difficulty such as billabong construction is violated build be demolished by one by one, each tear open change plot violate plan to be advanced steadily, the advertisement lamp bridge that 7 90 time build main street of king government office keeps clear of entirely, polished the city horizons line. “Corner · is encountered ” surprise, demand of contented masses culture the building space of 280 square metre, since reflects the theme of urban artistic appreciation to exhibit a house, also be citizens are in the city ” corner · is encountered ” surprise, it is recreational ease sends common people, cultivate one’s morality raises dak of happiness of affective of gender, precipitation. This year, “Corner · is encountered ” the project is elected as whole town to publicize award of culture innovation project. concentration next year 10 corner undertake the key is made, form Qin Huai ” small culture ” swimming series connection, group of constituent article brigade is made recommend graph book, blend in Qin Huai story, form Qin Huai to tell about, the books of every corner should undertake equipment around the theme, accomplish one horn to be tasted, one horn one characteristic. Be in small and in the characteristic corner of essence of life, experience the edification of culture of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty. Meanwhile, on the other hand, on the basis that completes 44 place corner this year, combinative city ” small update ” , in the construction project of whole area, can accuse resource, have what just cooperate to be able to use a space to have corner optional location, dig dot giving prize deep, construct the culture sitting room of mouth of common people door. Continue to urge corner construction next year, strive to build 56 part, enlarge corner base further, satisfy masses culture requirement. Ou Aiwei of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty does section chief Chen Yifeng to express, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty will be chance with memorial hall completion, regard Qin Huai as the area memorial hall patriotic and wholesome labour decides position, promote new condition to issue patriotic and wholesome motion to be in the innovation in acceding, development in innovating, improve civilization of quality of urban environment sanitation, masses further level of accomplishment of health of wholesome quality, the whole people, depict construction attentively ” healthy Qin Huai ” grandiose blue print; memorial hall fashion into ” spirit of 5 old villages ” commemorative inheritance upland, person of the Huaihe River of incentive the Qin Dynasty is in new round of high quality develops and enterprising, constantly strive to become stronger, Yong Chuangjia accomplishment is developed on journey of reforming and opening, make memorial hall Cheng Qinhuai ” small happiness ” project demonstrative base, produce radiation and siphon effect ceaselessly, will ” small culture ” the element is embedded common people of the Huaihe River of common the Qin Dynasty lives, start dweller masses to be participated in actively, collective construction has temperature, have the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty of happiness of feelings, distinctive.