Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Dai Meimei of reporter king Ling) use medical safety bottom line to defend diet, ensure the citizen spends a joy, auspicious, restful Spring Festival. Today (on January 29) afternoon, supervisory management board of market of region of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty begins food drug is old to check big examination big superintend and director to examine the action. This the action basically checks food to sell the management unit such as inn, restaurant, retail drugstore and wholesome service center, chief selectives examination randomly related spot food division, drug superintendency family old door of village of source of big chemist’s shop of abundant of service center of sanitation of master shrine community, beneficial, peach east inn and Laomen of shop of food asking willow east inn, around festal demand the breed such as brown sugar of bigger fleshy products and bacon goods, food oily products, bulk spreads out an examination; Examine restaurant, include certificate proof to illuminate, wholesome circumstance and examine problem of quality of the information such as the report and vaccinal memory circumstance, medicines and chemical reagents, ensure citizen food uses medical security during the festival inside area under administration, let what consumer buys set one’s mind at, those who eat be at ease. The reporter learns, this second examination did not discover the safe hidden danger of concerned food medicines and chemical reagents. “Pass this inspection, effectively is normative the management behavior of food drug management unit, purified environment of food medicines and chemical reagents, also had more powerful awe effect at the same time, built be at ease safe festal environment. ” Sun Gongliang of director of region market superintendency bureau tells a reporter, next, this bureau will check big examination big superintend and director to consult arrangement of special action program according to province city is big, during increasing the Spring Festival and lantern show, safety of food medicines and chemical reagents ensures strength, increase what risk of job of basic level foundation nods to prevent accuse and answer, ensure festival and follow-up market safety are stable.