Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of reporter Sun Le’s reporter) ” spring have 100 Huaqiu enjoys the glorious full moon, winter of Xia Younong shade steps snow ” , scenery of such the four seasons besides be south old city is OK see, in bright city wall periphery also can see nowadays! Today (on December 21) in the morning, the reporter learns from area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, by Nanjing history the city zone protection is built bear green line builds the along the line of bright city wall that build project project, already in November the bottom is finished basically. It is reported, the green line of periphery of bright city wall of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty is located in country of Nanjing city Qin Huai district to start garden, fierce decides a Duan Mingcheng wall inside green line, total length is 4.1 kilometers about, for green line of inside of bright city wall, basically be on foot green line. This project in August 2018 start working is built, 3 months finish last a period of time basically eventually. All previous protects Wang Jianguo of director of group engineering company to tell a reporter, this project is given priority to with landscape greenbelt construction, in be based on undertake optimizing combing on existing road, add green line illume, bright change, landscape designation sign, landscape sits the establishment of form a complete set such as stool; Use modern landscape to devise technique, build rich greenbelt space, basis to have place landform makes rich zoology landscape arrangement, through tall fill grass proportional control and native land floral are combined, form stable and effective zoology environment. “In the meantime, still can build enclosure to wait to along the line the face stands to transform outside undertaking; Comb course of car travel, person travel to reach afresh jockey area, the question with solve dweller of old the city zone to jockey difficult, course of drive a vehicle of be well versed in. ” the reporter understands, this project construction is helpful for delaying scene of Xu Mingcheng wall to take humanitarian history, organize safe and fluent road transportation, form the zoology gallery with natural harmony, stereo green, promote the landscape of plot of along the line of bright city wall quality, provide the communal space with multivariate and compound, recreational function for circumjacent dweller. According to introducing, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty develops project of punish of environment of bright city wall energetically all the time, of item of green line of city wall of this Qin Huaiming finishing, the farther beautification, environment that optimized along the line of bright city wall, edge of city wall of be well versed in is green, let tourist appreciate the view of circumjacent and picturesque the four seasons austral bright city wall and old city, quickened Laomen east, area of master shrine scene, bright city wall, big pay a debt of gratitude the master shrine such as temple relics park, Qin Huai scene takes relevant scene area to be blended in in dimensional confluence, circuitry etc respect and deepness is shirt-sleeve, offer more comfortable, colorful travel circuitry combination for citizen tourist.