Dispatch of dragon tiger net this afternoon, conference of job of 2019 year draft holds tall honest area, summarize work of 2018 year draft, deploy arouses 2019 year draft works. Xia Chongmao of deputy inspector of government of warden Liu Wei, district is attended. (picture origin: Gao Chun releases) (picture origin: Gao Chun is released) Liu Wei emphasizes raising politics to stand, duty mission is fulfilled in deepening understanding. The good convention of spirit of revolution of inheritance of conscript since tall honest, also be the immanent need that confluence of the army and the people admits, still fulfil the inevitable requirement of governmental responsibility lawfully, want to realise the main mis南京美度港派SPA会所sion that new era conscript works adequately, nicer more outstanding young person carries force. Focusing key link, in father a level is medium improve quality of sources of soldiers. Hold to in exert oneself, comprehensive conduct propaganda is started, arouse actively each force, build the powerful momentum of conscript enrollment and grumous atmosphere energetically, hold to rigid standard, firm medical, politics examine and verify of assess南京哪有女子会所ment, record of formal schooling, examine and approve the crucial link such as calm arms, will clean-fingered conscript is perforative the whole process that works to conscript, strengthen examination superintend and director to check, make sure conscript job standard is efficient. Aggrandizement organizes a leader, in harmonious conscript job is finished in cooperating. Each street town, branch should include important agenda conscript work, turn working responsibility, detailed list is changed, node is changed, close cooperation, catch condominium together, with responsible to height of national defence career spirit high quality high level finishs the conscript job this year, to realize new era strong army target, advance development of confluence of the army and the people to make contribution. The following unit and individual commended on the meeting: Conscript job is advanced unit: Street agency, Yang Jiang presses down agency of path of ancient Bai Jie, Qi Qiao people gover南京大厂足浴店转让nment, Ou Weijian appoint, job of conscript of substation of area public security is advanced individual: Chun Xi is street Wen Kai of armed ministry Xing, in relief Jiang Zhenwu installs a Li Yu, brick wall to press down armed ministry Xing Chenggong, Gu Bai is street armed ministry Ma Gongfu, Qi Qiao: Lakeside of tall honest area is advanced brook of middle school, fork is street armed ministry, east dam is street armed department military service registers the job advanced individual: Arms of Zh南京清沐连锁酒店电话ao of area education bureau, Gao Chun pures Wu Xianghua of high middle school, high ministry of fierce of trade school Xu Huailin, area person brook of beneficial civilian, fork is street arm city of a Zhou Hui, solid is street armed ministry is worn, net of conscript of youth of tall honest of the right age reports celebrity to count 1022 people, check-up number stands on 460 people, affirmatory politics study a target 148 people, double qualification 122 people. Youth of 118 be recruited by pr南京紫金山庄附近酒店eferred calm arms, among them, university record of formal schooling turns 89 people with above paragraphs (undergraduate course 15 people, specialized subject 36 people, college new student 38 people, youth of the others be recruited all is change南京油联快捷酒店水疗会所d for high school article) , collect scale relatively the year before last year promotes 3% , better finished recruit to collect the task. This year, job of tall honest conscript basically is divided for ” planning preparation, organization is carried out, have sex carry, summary rises ” 4 phase. 1, planning preparation phase: The beginning of the year comes to planned on June 30 the job, deploy task, fulfil be recruited to sign up, catch good conduct propaganda to start, begin an undergraduate to solicit the work beforehand; 2, the organization carries out level: Came on July 1 the first ten days of a month will open station of area conscript check-up in September, first trial of the check at the beginning of the range estimation that finish, the check-up that organizes be recruited object, politics assesses He Dingbing, do well recruit dress extends and body of start shipment predecessor checks, with get team of the Ministry of War in feudal China to do well butt joint; 3, hand over carriage phase: The first ten days of a month will hold plenary meeting of recruit send off to the end of September in September, undertake recruit has sex and carry; 4, summary raises level: The first ten days of a month will come in October the bottom is various in December begin conscript job summary, chase class to report concerned material. (picture origin: Gao Chun is released) on the meeting, each town street is signed and hand over book of conscript job responsibility. A suit martials attire, heroic bearing valiant, this is manhood of how many warm blood is yearning. Elegance and talent luxuriant during, join the army dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland when, good man, join the army! (picture origin: Gao Chun is released) the young associate that has be recruited intention (contain student, this year’s graduates) but on August 5 before, login ” countrywide conscript net ” (network a南京恒大金牛湖\\养生谷价格ddress: Http://www.gfbzb.gov.cn) or click ” read textual ” examine collect target range, compensation the pertinent information such as standard o南京丁山香格里拉大酒店f acting countervail policy, flow signing up, check-up. (picture origin: Gao Chun is released)