Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Gao Xiaoping) to care old person of care community advanced age further, on July 12, 2019, brook of fork of area of Nanjing city tall honest 南京龙宫养生is street bridge plum community pures to reside service center of home provide for the aged happily hand in hand, begin new e南京宝丽会所ra culture to carry out an activity南京中医药大学推拿, constituent staff member is taking milk and watermelon, visit community respectively 13 senile old people of 90 years old of above, to care them healthy, the staff member still measures 南京河西桑拿哪家好blood pressure for them, send community 南京站到南京曙光国际大酒店怎么走summer for them cool and refreshing. As we have learned, bridge plum community has old person of 90 years old of above 13, the age is 102 the biggest years old, these old people live in new place of business respectively. Leave the village such as village and stone home, these old people not only it is senile, mix with one’s shoulder to collar in their life simple it is macrobian example. bridge plum community leaves a village, the Zhang Kangrong old person of 93 says gladly this year, his body is very good now, still often plant dish, the purpose is to exercise. Now Zhang Denglu express, there is the care of party and government now, the life is good, he goes up to like to drink bit of wine with南京白鹭宾馆桑拿体验 midday everyday, those who drink is not much. Go南京山水大酒店spa in the village when idle南京瑞斯丽酒店水疗, also can experience good life. Rui Zhongming of secretary of general Party branch of bridge plum community expresses, to care community these senile old people, we are taking watermelon and milk to visit old people, communicate with them, although the thing is little also be to express an intention.