Dispatch of dragon tiger net (plum of Daimei of reporter Qiu Ni’s reporter) 2018 ” face of the most beautiful side ” , bigger echo is caused inside certain limits, the heavy snow of all over the sky waves in dance, double pond flows however on the face of the street personnel that sweep snow dripping arduous sweat, come when the first heavy snow 2019, double pond is the most beautiful sweep snowman again dress the ranks sets out. Decorate go ahead of the rest, do not hit battle off hand on January 8 afternoon at 4 o’clock half, double pond is street hold job of the prevent frostbite that sweep snow to decorate meeting, ginseng of director of controller of street team member, each section office, each community is met. Staff member of snow prevent frostbite is swept on the meeting preparation of division of labor, goods and materials, eliminate need risk, start masses, lash-up to be on duty, the specific work such as logistics safeguard was done decorate, requirement staff member wants cogent absorb swept snow experience last year, reasonable use division of labor of the good machinery and slushy salt, member that do good person to each doing his own job, strengthen condolatory to residing an old person to visit alone, all staff news report must keep expedite, information replies in time, day of snow of main safeguard dweller gives a security! After the meeting, street and departmental door and community hold special job conference to communicate spirit in succession, main ready-made. Sweep Xue Lihang, do not remain the way that has accumulated snow on January 9 before dawn at 5 o’clock, team of motor-driven of the street prevent frostbite that sweep snow is started entirely, along with collectivity of back street path all staff members drive mechanism cadre, community go to the forefront that sweep snow. End this afternoon 17 when, double pond is street be versed in in the party appoint Li Ming’s secretary, agency Director Li Ning loose and other team member guide next dispatching personnel of street cadre, community, execute the law squadron, assist the 400 more than person such as the member that be in charge of, member that collect fees and volunteer, ensure shovel 150, broom 150, shovel ski 80, motor vehicle 3, harmonious hire bulldozer 8 on call, use up slushy agent 45 bags, the key is mixed to lane of artery of primary and secondary, alleyway, subway in the morning the firn of key a sector of an area such as nursery school periphery and bridge, laid straw mat, key combination community and property clear afternoon the firn inside the village, community is responsible for a task unit until it is completed guidance of the community below the leader works. Care is followed row, do not leak the weather of person rain snow that needs a help, give the inconvenience that resides an old person to bring the life to go up alone. The reporter understands, street each community reseau member come to visit in succession rank an old person alone, serve the life to must be tasted for its, exhort the old person goes out to must notice safety all right. At the same time constituent community volunteer comes to examine tree of danger room danger, strengthen safeguard of pair of key of construction a section of a highway, guide pass by pedestrian to pass through.