(Qin Xuan of reporter of reporter king Ling) the confluence crossing a boundary of the development that teachs a concept as experience type and travel industry, grind learn a journey to had become the compulsory subject in school student. On June 27 afternoon, division grand grinds learn Nanjing battalion in Nanjing China imperial examinations museum opens battalion, add up to 100 people entered this activity. Famous pedagogic home Tao Hang knows a gentleman to once had been carried ” syncretic of knowing and doing ” , ” the life is taught namely ” educational concept, if the child can attend high quality swim to learn or grind learn a journey, can let its be benefited all one’s life. Museum becomes Nanjing China imperial examinations by the construction on the foundation of courtyard of Changjiang Delta tribute, courtyard of Changjiang Delta tribute is the imperial examinations with Chinese the greatest ancient time examination room, receivability of period of at the height of power and splendour many 20 thousand examinee takes an exam at the same time, the country of big, cover an area of numerous between two parties of its dimensions saves the coronal of tribute courtyard each, achieve imperial examinations of Chinese ancient time of examination room most. Include 4 museum of subterranean advocate house, folk-custom experiences imperial examinations of area of Ming Yuanlou relics, Na Yuan area. As we have learned, museum relies on Nanjing China imperial examinations advantaged historical precipitation and culture details success are selected ” countrywide middle and primary school is unripe 2018 grind learn to carry out educational base ” , this division grand grinds learn Nanjing battalion to will be in Nanjing China museum conducts imperial examination battalion ceremony is very significant, OK study is born in museology archaic wise man ” assiduous ” ” assiduous ” ” strive upper reaches ” encourage will drive, and from imperial examinations system lieutenant general ” fair ” , ” just ” mental inheritance. The Gao Yixue that comes from middle school of peaceful wave peaceful sea is unripe tell a reporter, the travel by a definite date of this his Nanjing 5 days, “Come over to study the culture that understands Nanjing designedly, also want to know how the ancients takes an exam very much, it is to have little knowledge only before, participate in the can deeper knowledge in the activity now. The dress that for instance I wear today, have very much in ancient time atmosphere. ” Zhang Saijuan of professor of southeast university College of the Humanities expresses, such grinding learn an activity to children grow and education is very helpful. “Grind learn to be in actually home just arisen, this is a kind of long-term strategy that develops a youth. Also can make up for we are in this kind before in the tower of ivory should try education. ” at the same time, professor Zhang earlies childhood, children can have an opportunity in imperial examinations the ground experiences the close quarters in museum Chinese traditional culture, this is very significant. “Grind learn to teach an activity with common company very different, grind learning was to join social natural resources, one part is to resemble imperial examinations museum such culture resource, still pedagogic resource, adviser resource waits, our for instance present today expert is player of countrywide gold mike, what can do chant to children is directive; Still have the teacher professors of the college, also can give our student a few poineering guidance, this kind of study is uninterrupted, be flow. ” in addition, the reporter is returned from imperial examinations museum understands over there deputy curator Wu Yi, this summer vacation time, the company of museum teachs imperial examinations the activity very rich. Nursery school letter pressworks, engraving pressworks the study activity that waits for different form, the diverse demand that cooperating pupil and junior high school to be born designed diverse visiting line and different experience course. “Be born as countrywide middle and primary school grind learn to teach base, the form that museum company teachs our imperial examinations the activity is very diversiform. We have collaboration with the school, follow course of joint development of master shrine elementary school for instance, according to imperial examinations culture makes a teaching material, 6 grade student has imperial examination literacy class, still a few classes can undertake inside the house. External grind learn course, besides Chu Ying announcer of holiday maniple, small Number One Scholar waits, still can open 3D to print course, the teacher that can have major comes spot help children have experience and teacher and student. The teacher that can have major comes spot help children have experience and teacher and student..