to promote gules culture spirit further, build atmosphere of good and gules culture, on May 22, by Jiangsu couplet of the division that save a company is sponsorred, seminar of Qiu Bai of Jiangsu province Qu, rain spends street party to be versed in appoint, party of area of the station austral Nanjing builds alliance 360 undertake ” red passes place of be used to ” series small interview walks into rain to spend community, invite seminar of the Qiu Bai that save Qu to carry out chairman Zhao Yixin, with the form of conversational interview, spirit of will gules culture delivers community Party member. Of the Communist what is the heart first? Where is fountainhead? Does rain spend heroics to national condition of what kind of home having to conceive? And handle peaceful time personally we, how should accede again and does spread good rain spend heroic spirit? In the interview of a hour, zhao Yixin uses vivid old practice, solved these problems. “For revolution, for ideal, they can abandon good condition, courageously forward ” , mr. Zhao Yixin speaks of the communist that regards newly established as period, the rain that is a delegate with Yun Daiying, Deng Zhongxia spends stage martyr, reflecting a faction from beginning to end first heart, “Of the Communist Party first heart, it is for the country namely civilian, seek happiness for Chinese people namely, seek for the Chinese nation revive, and the crackajack delegate that the heroics that sacrifice to spend a stage in rain are revolutionary time Communist, sentiment of the great and good faith that their achievement showed a Communist, exalted morality and for civilian indomitable spirit of sacrifice, this also is reflecting a Chinese Communist first heart ” . Qin Yuying is a community emeritus Party member, she expresses, want to value the happy life of hard-earned doubly, will continue to support community work, for rain beautiful construction gives a power. Pluvial flower is street ” red passes place of be used to ” small interview already was held now 3 period, walk into community of green banboos garden, beautiful fane community early or late, this activity spreads out through the interactive form of interview, interlocution, enhanced Party members effectively ” mind power ” , ” action force ” and ” cohesive affinity ” .