(reporter / photography Hu Lei) sweat of a few degrees of boardcast sowing, be about to greet results; A few degrees of bosoms put a dream, be about to put flying hope, 2019 the university entrance exam today (on June 7) pull open formally prelusive, this year, rain spends stage area to attend number of examinee of the university entrance exam to be 1319 people, set 2 to check a place in all, 52 examination room, the examinee that in distributinging to spend a stage in rain among them, learns to check a place has 1010.   Go ” tall Zong door ” eat zhongzi candy cheongsam to send one’s deceased father pattern is much In the morning 7 when, the reporter learns to check a place in pluvial beautiful Taichun see before the door, the periphery that check a place had gathered together not little examinee and parent. Before the door that check a place, “In rain ” ” the cheongsam sends study a group ” all the more conspicuous, unite those who wear gules cheongsam to send take an examination of a teacher, they are the Chinese teachers that Gao Sannian class learns in coming from rain to spend a stage, because begin of the university entrance exam takes an examination of Chinese, they are the first group comes to those who take an examination of send teacher assuming a tax. Wear gules cheongsam, the implied meaning ” win victory in the first battle, prosperous ” .   The spot, examinee and send take an examination of teacher affectionately hug, the hope can be touched from teacher body touch lucky gas, this year autograph of a list of names posted up of gold of the university entrance exam. “Took zhongzi candy, surely high school a list of names posted up head ” , send take an examination of teachers to cheer bosomy interest for examinee with zhongzi candy, hope students can study an exceedingly good result, realize oneself ideal! 7 when 30 minutes, “In rain ” the student volunteers of second year in high school are mixed in former years is same, in order to make the form of a catchphrase, the blessing is tall of 3 learn to grow learn elder sister, the catchphrase this year is ” tall 3 cheer, tall 3 surely win ” , “Hammer and tongs, do not lose fragrant China ” . Examinee parent spontaneity ground organization is custom-built ” successful ” , ” brilliant ” , ” surely win ” , ” oneiromancy ” wait for little motto, successful, heart misses hope examinee the university entrance exam the thing is become. 8 when make, rain spends stage middle school to take an examination of a dot to open, examinee enters the arena in succession. Discover not hard, when examinee crosses a school gate, the top of head is sure to be able to come up against school gate upper part install ” tall Zong door ” , multicoloured zhongzi is connected bunchy, the implied meaning ” high school ” , also be ” in rain ” the blessing to all examinee. “Bite bell. . . ” as, exam bell noise rises, exam of the first 2019 Chinese is pulled open formally prelusive. Outside examination room, examinee parents however for a long time does not wish to leave, show slightly awaiting anxiously. “Come home in doorway geometric ratio etc set one’s mind at a lot of, child of the university entrance exam is nervous, I am nervous also, but I cannot show intense sentiment before the child however, work from dawn to night of 3 years, very painstaking really, the child is very painstaking also, hope he is ad cool-headed today answer, normal play, study oneself satisfactory result. ” an examinee parent tells a reporter.   “Service window ” open examination room doorway to ensure examinee consults smoothly To ensure the university entrance exam goes on wheels, nanjing city public security bureau established working party of security of the university entrance exam, all-around begin ” restful the university entrance exam ” security works. Group of management of population of substation of public security of pluvial beautiful stage spends stage middle school to took an examination of bit of doorway to establish examinee in rain temporarily identification handles an aspect quickly, basically be to forget, the examinee of missing Id, deal with a piece of period of efficacy temporarily only identification of 3 days, open green channel for examinee, whole conduction technological process needs 2 minutes only, examinee can take this to prove successful to take an examination, ensure examinee consults smoothly. “Controlled at 8 o’clock this morning, a schoolgirl says him Id was not taken, we depend on her standard textual criticism, spent 2 minutes to do for her only became good temporarily identification, this schoolgirl entered examination room smoothly. ” Xu Dan of policeman of group of management of population of substation of public security of pluvial beautiful stage to reporter say. Efficient identification issue the job, because come home,can avoid examinee effectively fill toward police station before resumptive identity document or nearby do the circumstance such as the psychological anxiety that cause and insecurity to affect exam mood, ensure examinee consults smoothly.   Food safety examines quickly safeguard examinee ” the safety on the tip of the tongue “ During the university entrance exam, superintendency bureau of market of region of pluvial beautiful stage takes an examination of a dot to set two to execute the law in the university entrance exam personnel whole journey is stationed in a dot, fulfil superintendency responsibility strictly, accomplish daily every eat is checked surely, wholesome to dining room of repast cookbook, school environment, raw material is purchased, food store, prevent rat to prevent fly disinfection of dustproof, establishment taking shape, tableware undertake whole journey is superintended. The spot, still set food safety to examine quickly car, remain of vegetable to school dining room pesticide detects quickly, comprehensive safeguard examinee ” the safety on the tip of the tongue ” . The reporter understands in the spot, supervise administrative outside besides public security substation, market, in still many function branch spends a stage in rain, learn to take an examination of establish on the side of the dot civilian protect check a place, the everything needed is ready such as box of lash-up of sunstroke prevention medicines and chemical reagents, mineral water, stationery, medical treatment, cogent safeguard is safety of the university entrance exam, smooth, orderly undertake. Youth does not have regret, do not lose Shao Hua. The university entrance exam, it is a battlefield that does not have smoke of gunpowder, affecting the heart of ten million examinee and parent however, in the meantime, also affecting the heart of whole society, this, it is a honorary battle, also be the battle of a dream, cheer, students! It is better to let us be tomorrow and battle!