Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of popular reporter of precious of Nie of reporter Sun Le) latest news! Reporter now (on December 21) Cong Qinhuai area learns in the morning, environment of the road that build Ye is integrated punish project completes construction in the round this month. Repair of the road that build Ye was started formally in April, last a period of time it is reported of 8 months complete, environment of the road that build Ye is integrated punish project east have the way austral Zhongshan, tiger crouch road reachs on the west, road is full-length 1.53 kilometers. Before the project is being transformed, because daily wagon flow measures reason of kick one’s heels of time of big, building, put in settlement of chamfer of traffic lane hole, footpath damaged wet of road of more, along the line is local seeper and catchment not the road disease such as free; Two side building establishs way face stale, coating falls off, form of action of disorder of air conditioning seat number, inn is differ. In serving as a city main artery, affect urban landscape environment not only, also put in certain safe hidden trouble. All previous protected a group to started this project formally in April 2018, this month (December) the overall construction that finish. The reporter understands, this environment is integrated punish, basically include road environment two side building establishs integrated punish and way the integrated punish of the face. “We built motor-driven driveway and footpath, pluvial sewage conduit also weighs new construction, include viatic part to transform, line of afforest, traffic sign is waited a moment. Still have these newly-built street lamp, it is to include in this project. ” all previous protects Wang Jianguo of director of group engineering company and reporter say. Wang Jianguo still introduces, all previous is protected the group is built 9 times in all to street of two side edge (center in Wang Fu ave to come inside range of tiger crouch sequence) established a face to undertake punish goes out new, the area makes an appointment with 31 thousand square metre, inn enrols store brand to transform an area to make an appointment with 710 square metre, punish promotion enrols store brand, building to establish face, enclosure to wait along street inn, purify beautification road the dimensional environment of two side. Listen to popular wishes to dismiss civilian concern, integrated punish reveals the path that build Ye humanitarian breath in the morning, the reporter visits discovery, this integrated punish is transformed while implementation is changed scientificly, also was full of humanitarian breath. According to introducing, this project was blended in adequately in road shop mount ” sponge city ” concept, footpath converts entirely the shop packs the concrete that show water; On traffic safety establishment and illume setting, the style unites low cost can, ensure with district characteristic and photograph of road whole effect are united. “Before construction, we seek all circles opinion extensively, extended to arrange 300 letter, draft the dweller opinion that differs to many about 20 and proposal; In construction process, we also set person specially assigned for a task to recieve, those who endeavor to solve a dweller is reasonable appeal to beg; Still provided a certain quantity of full-time communication assist the member that be in charge of, circumjacent to construction site traffic undertakes dredge. ” path of Introduction Wang Jianguo. The reporter sees in the spot, the Cang Hangqiao after punish on the bridge floor of two side, still imprint engraved face heavenly palace piece the bridge name that all existence pass the area. “We imprint ground label name engrave on bridge floor, also be a transitional process that records the history, now Cang Hangqiao both sides, imprint in all engraved have 24 bridges name. ” Wang Jianguo say. The whole of the road that build Ye after punish looks brand-new, road is capacious level off, mark line clarity is bright, road tooth is suitable straight, zoology is beautiful, great pull tall the comfortable sex that road uses, promoted urban landscape appearance; Along the line builds those who establish a range to transform, made sure building colour and circumjacent area environment are harmonious and unified, with face heavenly palace piece the culture details bring out the best in each other with deep division, reflected an appearance of area person style of writing, provided good surroundings for circumjacent dweller, founded harmonious and civilized home.